Say Two Things - 4

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  • Connie hope you have a good work day!.............Very windy here and looks like rain....
  • I have a baby shower to go to later.

    I hope everyone has a great day!
  • Not much going on around here other than the police here again...

    They will not do anything about the neighbors...
  • Having scallops for supper.........Still very windy and dark.....
  • I am home early.

    We were slow at work today.
  • It looks like we may get some snow this week...

    Got the flower beds cleaned out and new bulbs planted...
  • Stayed up way too late last night.

    Gonna be a LONG Monday for me!!!
  • now connie, you know that monday is not but 24 hrs long. LOL

    Just be glad you don't have to work a 24 hr monday. Hahaha
  • All the Halloween/Fall decorations in front of peoples houses are so nice .....and some are spooky!
  • Caroline, I enjoy looking at the decorations, too

    My goodness, a little over 2 months till Christmas!