Say Two Things - 4

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  • Theresa your dolls are beautiful.
    I wish I had your talent.
  • I wish i was talented like her also.

    Hubby dreads monday again.
    He is going back to the dr. to talk to him.
  • Teresa, Prayers for your dh......going to bed soon and watch some tv...
  • Thanks, Caroline.
    Yes i too am going to bed soon.
    Glad they finally got my tv fixed--well the satellight rather.
  • Tomorrow we are watching the Bristol race and BBQing with friends.

    I hope to hop in the pool at the gym tomorrow.
  • I really need to get to bed soon.
    Tomorrow I have to buy some greeting cards.
  • 2 nice outside to be in the house.

    Need 2 get some paperwork/computer work done tho.
  • Talked to hubby this morning and still waiting for him to have surgery on his broken leg and shattered ankle...

    This is crazy,I should be there with him instead of being at home...
  • These pain meds are definitely helping.

    But they do make me feel loopy!!! LOL
  • Praying for you and your hubby Theresa!
    Glad your meds are doing there job, Connie!!!