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mom2-4 05-22-2008 02:42 AM

Last thing you did - 5
You may continue playing here. The last post was:

made my lunch and got a cup of coffee

BuddyBeanieBaby 05-22-2008 09:23 AM

Gave Dutchess a treat...

stellajean66 05-23-2008 10:42 AM

took a shower, vaccumed the house and started laundry

BuddyBeanieBaby 05-23-2008 11:12 AM

Made out a shopping list for hubby...

Bilby 05-23-2008 12:56 PM

Sent ds1 on his way to work, starts 7.30am

BuddyBeanieBaby 05-23-2008 01:02 PM

Talked to my youngest daughter on the phone...

HAPPY6 05-23-2008 02:15 PM

Watered house plants

BuddyBeanieBaby 05-23-2008 08:37 PM

Said goodnight to hubby a couple of hours ago...

Bilby 05-23-2008 09:09 PM

Popped the jug on for coffee

BuddyBeanieBaby 05-23-2008 09:28 PM

Answered emails...

stellajean66 05-24-2008 03:16 AM

woke up, gotta work today!!!

Sammi1961 05-24-2008 09:44 AM

went and bought some herbs for the herb garden I am starting

stellajean66 05-25-2008 05:58 AM

answering emails

BuddyBeanieBaby 05-25-2008 11:49 AM

Came home from the hospital...

stellajean66 05-25-2008 12:23 PM

folded my first load of laundry, put the second load in the dryer and the third load in the washer.

BuddyBeanieBaby 05-25-2008 03:24 PM

Had something to eat and cleaned up the kitchen...

Bilby 05-25-2008 04:02 PM

Had a shower and put in washing

BuddyBeanieBaby 05-25-2008 04:24 PM

Asked hubby if it was still raining...

Bilby 05-25-2008 06:35 PM

Made lunch

BuddyBeanieBaby 05-25-2008 07:05 PM

Watched No Reservations...

Bilby 05-25-2008 08:34 PM

Went with ds1 to the car exhaust place to get his fixed up, he needed his mum LOL

BuddyBeanieBaby 05-25-2008 08:46 PM

Said goodnight to hubby and checking out eBay...

Bilby 05-25-2008 08:54 PM

Folded some strips of paper

BuddyBeanieBaby 05-25-2008 09:02 PM

Why are you folding strips of paper Kathy...curious minds would like to

Took my pain med's...

Bilby 05-25-2008 09:07 PM

Hmmm I tell you what, iris folding is so much easier than tea bag folding if you ask me. You don't need to be as creative of making things out of your folded bits of paper, the cut out does the creativity for you. Practicing but no where near as good as Deb.

Finished the front I was doing, need to decide what's next.

BuddyBeanieBaby 05-25-2008 09:12 PM

I saw the card you made with the iris folding and it looks great...I haven't tried the iris folding wide do the strips of paper have to be...

Answered Emails...

Bilby 05-25-2008 09:19 PM

Hmmm should have started with the flower that the web site showed but I was lazy and did a cricut cut and popped the square fold thingy behind it and it wasn't quite the right fit.
Doing a xmas tree now or trying.
I made the strips about 3cm wide, I have a gullitine and that makes doing the strips so much easier .... I should be saying this in the appropriate thread huh LOL

Unlocked the door for ds2, he's home now.

BuddyBeanieBaby 05-25-2008 09:25 PM

Sounds like you enjoy doing the iris folding...I might give it a try...

Checked the doors...

Bilby 05-25-2008 09:27 PM

Checked you crock pot meat.

BuddyBeanieBaby 05-25-2008 09:32 PM

Turned off the lights...going to bed now...Night Kathy...have a great day...

Bilby 05-25-2008 09:42 PM

Have a good nights sleep Theresa, :boredd:

stellajean66 05-26-2008 12:47 AM

got a cup of coffee

BuddyBeanieBaby 05-26-2008 07:36 AM

Asked hubby to pick up a Sears catalogue so I can order new blinds...

stellajean66 05-27-2008 12:24 AM

made my lunch for work and got a cup of coffee

BuddyBeanieBaby 05-27-2008 08:44 AM

Talked to my daughter...

Bilby 05-27-2008 01:04 PM

sent ds1 off early 7am as he a trainer course for work today

BuddyBeanieBaby 05-27-2008 03:16 PM

Took Dutchess outside...

Bilby 05-27-2008 04:00 PM

Bought milk and bread on the way home from curves

BuddyBeanieBaby 05-27-2008 04:25 PM

Tried Iris Folding and yep it went across the can

Bilby 05-27-2008 04:42 PM

Oh Theresa :bighug:
You've just supplied me with the best laugh ROFLMAO I've had this morning :haaaa:
Was this you? :rant2:

Popped the bread machine on the bench to make buns

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