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HAPPY6 09-08-2018 05:13 PM


Still watch the re runs...


danstigerangel 09-09-2018 10:14 AM

Caroline so do I. lol...I heard a rumor that they were going to bring it back.

I love Chopped.
Worst Cooks in America

HAPPY6 09-09-2018 10:27 AM

Murphy Brown is also doing a remake this season....I use to love that show. I'm curious to see The Connor's, I read that it'll be that Roseann dies.....Don't think the show will be a hit without her.

Like Worst Cooks....

Cold Case~~

danstigerangel 09-15-2018 03:07 PM

Dont watch Cold Case

I am looking forward to the new fall lie up

Love Connection

HAPPY6 09-21-2018 05:55 PM


Neved watched

What Would You Do?

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