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  • No I have not. Good question MMP!

  • Thanks, Lauri!

    No, thank heavens.

    Have You Ever... got a sunburn?
  • Oh yeah. Several times.

    Have you ever fallen asleep on the beach?
  • I have.

    Have You Ever... witnessed a child acting up and throwing a temper tantrum in a store?
  • Many times,,,,,

  • Yes

    Have you ever ate at a restaurant instead of cooked for Thanksgiving?
  • No I havenot but we have talked about doing it.

  • Only once (last year) but I didnt like it. We will be going to my sisters this year.

    Have you ever made a recipe that turned out so bad you just threw it in the trash? If so, what was it?
  • Yes but I can't really remember what it was.....I think it has happened a few times.

  • Oh yes! But like like Lauri I can't remember doesn't happen to often but it has happened...I know a pie was one, Don't know what I did but it was AWFUL!!

    Have you ever yelled at a sales person?