Ask A Question - 2

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  • You may continue playing here. The last question was:

    Does your spouse have a nickname for you and what is it...
  • Yes, Baby

    Do u polish ur nails??
  • sometimes I do!
    Do you paint your toenails too?
  • yep, and they have got to match!!

    Do u dye ur hair??
  • Yes, and many diff colors ! lol\

    Do You ever wonder what YOUR purpose in life is?
  • Every day

    Do you like to sleep in on the weekends...
  • sure

    Do u like to go to bed on time all week??
  • not really..

    Have you ever broken your toe?
  • no

    Do u read the bible?
  • I have but I dont daily

    Do You Believe in love at first site?