Holiday foods--like or dislike?

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  • I'll name a holiday food. You say if you like it or dislike it. Don't forget to leave another food for the next person to answer to.

    Fruitcake -- like or dislike?
  • Like,if its homemade...

    Like or Dislike-Shortbread Cookies...
  • like

    gingerbread cookies
  • Like...

    Mince Meat Pie...
  • Dislike

    Plum Pudding like or dislike?
  • Dislike

  • Like Turkey


    Is plum pudding actually pudding made from plums???
  • Love Eggnog

    Whipped Shortbread Cookies...
  • I like all kinds of shortbread!

    Homemade Fudge
  • Yes love most kinds of Fudge