What should you be doing right now?....3

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  • I should be taking a shower.
  • I should be working on my Christmas Ornaments...
  • I should be putting my first load of clothes in the dryer.
  • I should be having a shower and getting dressed for the day.

    Please, Miss Bilby, I've been sick! [MEG]
    Yes ok but only because you have a note, is that really your mums signature LOL
    Glad you're feeling better.
  • I should be putting on my pj's and getting comfy.
  • getting ready to take ds1 to the Docs possible ear infection and or sinus.
  • Hope your son gets to feeling better, Kathy!!!

    I should be relaxing on the couch.
  • I should be wahing the rain is stopped so now I can dry clothes on the line, yay LOL

    Fluid behind the ears the Doc said.
    Give me a clue how many times do you nag an almost 17yro to take his medication before you give up?
    He has allergy problems but won't take the his fixers then complains he's not well ... I give up my guys are annoying the heck out of me this morning ... ok let off my steam, now I will be better in a few mins LOL
  • Oh that's okay Kathy, we all need to vent and who better to vent to than other moms!!! LOL

    I should be getting a glass of ice cold milk.