Do and Dont game

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  • Do and don't game.

    I will write a word (person, place or thing) and you must leave a "do" and a "dont'" about the word and leave a new noun for the next player.

    I do love cooking different dishes.....
    I don' like cooking on a gas stove, I only cook on an electric stove......

  • Jewelry..........
    I don't like big dangling ear rings on me, they don't look good.
    I DO like small pretty ear rings

  • I do enjoy Summertime for the beauty that it brings.

    I don't like Summertime, because of the heat.

  • I don't have any babies.
    I do think I would have been a good mommy.

    ice cream
  • I do buy ice cream in the Summer months.

    I don't typically buy ice cream in the Winter.

    Frozen pizzas.
  • I DONT like Red Baron brand frozen pizza but I DO love DiGiorgios!

  • Do not like football.
    Did go to my daughter's (football) birthday party back in September.