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  • Less... much less.

    How long dies it take you to pumas your feet?
  • 5 minutes

    Have you tried any of the new bar soaps with pumice in them? I love the Irish Spring one! It smells good and has a good scrub to it.
  • Haven't tried any as of yet, but am looking forward to.

    Do you pull your hair back and secure it when washing your face?
  • Mine isnt that long but I do put a headband on to get my bangs off my forehead.

    What are your favorite scents from Bath and Body Works? (and if you dont have that store near you, what are your favorite body wash and lotion scents?)
  • Vanilla,

    Do you like using washcloth or scrunched in taking your bath
  • bumping back up
  • washcloth

    Do you like eye-liner or brow-liner?
  • eye-liner

    Do you use fake lashes
  • Nope (never)

    Do you like flavoured lip gloss?
  • Yes

    use aging cream for your face?