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  • Dark hair (brunette), light brown eyes. I lightly pluck while keeping the natural shape.

    Do you curl your eyelashes?
  • No

    Do you make any homemade lotions or body scrubs?
  • no

    when using shampoo do you rinse the bottle out to get the last bit out before throwing it away?
  • yes

    Have you tried any of the spray on type lotions? Do they work well?
  • I havn't yet but have a coupon!

    What kinds of perfume do you have?
  • Skin so soft has a spray on type lotions which I do like, not tried any others.
    perfume that I have; timeless, Night Magic, vanilla, Femme.

    do you use comb or brush to do your hair right after you shower or wash your hair? and why?
  • My hair is coarse so I use a brush. Using a comb pulls my hair and hurts.

    What were the last beauty products you purchased?
  • makeup setting spray, that is new to me.

    Have you ever used any of the glittering make up for your eyes?
  • No. I hardly ever wear any eye makeup since I wear glasses and you can't see it.

    Does your hair tend to be more on the dry or on the oily side? Which hair products help?
  • my hair is really dry so I use a lot of leave in conditioner.

    Do you find, the older you get, that your beauty regimine is more or less time consuming?