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ohdonna 04-10-2007 07:06 PM

FW: The Best Things in Life are Free
All right, since I've gotten this email twice in the last half hour, I thought I might as well post it for everyone else to enjoy. Apparently, 1-800-Free411 has made 4/11 (get it?) The Best Things In Life Are Free Day. Here's the list of fun free things from the email that people keep sending me:

1. Directory assistance from 1-800-FREE411

2. Blood pressure screenings at supermarkets and pharmacies

3. Home maintenance tips and advice for do-it-yourself projects at
free in-store clinics provided by your local Home Depot

4. Old couches and other home furnishings found at The Freecycle
Network ( )

5. A copy of your credit report to make sure everything is as it
should be ( )

6. Books and media from your local public library

7. A day at the museum on free admission days

8. Online courses offered by MIT ( or lessons on how to run a small business

9. Classes offered at your local Apple store on business and
entertainment software, music programs and computer basics ( )

10. A free, annual scoop of Ben and Jerry's ice cream on April 17

-- Anyone want to add an eleventh fun free thing? (Or a twelfth, or a thirteenth . . . )

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