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    I have so many but I would have to say my best memory is when a dear friend and I spent a summer week at Omega Holistic Retreat Center in Rhinebeck, New York!! We both lived in Illinois at the time and we rode the Amtrak to New York.
    We spent a day in Chicago on the way, shopping, going into bookstores and had lunch at a travelers cafe!!!

    We spent a whole week at Omega with other women all over the country at a "Women's Summer Camp." We relived our childhood and had a blast!!!! We made crafts (The favorite was crowns made of dried flowers and ribbons we wore all week to separate us from the people who were at many other workshops and events going on the same week...) we danced and Danced and DANCED...my favorite was free movement dancing with scarves...we did yoga, went in the sauna, played in the lake, learned about 20 campsongs, spent time in the meditation chapel and on the labyrinth and just hung out on the beautifully landscaped grounds!!! Then we Amtrakked back home to Springfield, Illinois!!!
    Though I have MANY memories of good times with friends, my week at Omega is my favorite!!!
    How about you??
  • A couple of years ago my friend and I met in a little Amish town near Goshen, Indiana. (Can't remember the town's name now!!) We had the most fun!!! We rented a car. We stayed at a campground that also had cabins that were completely furnished. There are so many shops there!! Antiques, crafts, and just general stuff. And of course Amish!! We ate most of the time in the Amish restaurant and boy was it good!!!

    We did it just the two of us because we were both turning 50 and have been close friends since the 1st grade!!! She lives in Wisconsin and I live in Missouri but we see each other about 2 times a year. My family still lives in Wisconsin so we get there at least once a year and she comes her once a year too.

    We just had the best time!!!
  • I have 3 girlfriends from highschool, with whom I've remained close over the years. We all live in different areas of the country, but every year we get together for a weekend in a different location. We've stayed in rented cabins, hotels, cottages, you name it. Sometimes we shop, or just hang out... we usually drink way too much, laugh and reminisce :p There are no men and no kids, just us girls. It's always a blast and I wouldn't trade it for the world! This fall we're going on a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas.... I absolutely can not wait!!!!!!!
  • vacation with adult girlfriend
    A few years ago, I went into a Christian chat room on the internet. This was a first ever for me; and I felt so out of place; but met a fantastic lady there. It was her first visit to a chat room also, so we seemed to 'click'; even tho we became friends with many others that gathered there most everyday. I might add, we were both well over 55 then! LInda lives on the West coast and we live on the East coast. We corresponded by snail mail, telephone and internet for 2 years, when Linda finally came across country for a visit. What a time we had! First of all, we drove from Pa. to Ohio for a 2 day visit to meet one of the other ladies we met in the chat room. That trip was so memorable...laughing, singing, crying, sharing and loving every minute of it. We returned to my home; rested up for a day, then headed off on a 3 hr trip to what I fondly call "Amish Country" in Lancaster, Pa area. (I used to buy and sell wooden and hand crafted items in that area). We spent the entire day there and could have spent 2 or 3; but we had bigger fish to fry; and more places to visit for what remained of her visit. After resting up again, we gathered up the two oldest of my grandchildren, and along with my dh as our driver, we headed for Gettysburg; 2 hrs away. That trip was a must, as Linda's departed husband was a History teacher and had always dreamed one day of them both visiting that area. Once again, our visit to that site was done in just one day, but should have taken at least two. A memorable item for Linda on that trip was her being able to order a brick, engraved with her dh name, and have it installed in the sidewalk in the square; even though she knew she would never see it after it was placed there. There was so much to see; but, too tired to do more than crawl in the car, we finally headed home; stuffed from good food and great memories for all! The remainder of Linda's visit with us was spent visiting local sites and our children and their families. Her last day, we had a family picnic at our house, and so much fun...water guns, laughter, everyone soaked, good conversations, good food. (LOL, can you tell, we like to eat?) In between all the activities, we spent the rest of visit simply just sitting on porch, swinging, talking...silence, listening to each others silent thoughts, mixed with our own, and the contentment of two sisters..not by birth, but chosen by love. It just goes to prove, you don't have to be friends for life, to be the best of friends! We still keep in close touch, almost daily; mostly over the internet, either emailing, through Yahoo or playing scrabble online together. We so enjoy each other and what we have found; and just know, a certain History teacher angel in heaven had a lot to do with our finding each other here on earth! God bless you all, and may you each cherish the friendships you now have; and those to come. I would like to add a postscrip to this: Just this past summer, Linda's daughter and her husband were able to take a trip to Gettysburg, and they not only were able to look up and find the brick with Vance's name on it, but took pictures of it for Linda! What a highlight for her memory book, and mine..as she shared those pictures with us via our 'windows to our world' our computers. What would we do without them???
  • I love these stories
    The previous stories sound like so much fun-

    I had three friends from CA military days in the late 70's and early 80's. We have all kept up with each other sporadically although we now live in FL, CA, and MA. Five years ago when the first of us turned 50 we met in Las Vegas-sharing two adjoining rooms.
    We had a blast -eating, playing nickle slots and seeing a few shows. Best of all we shared stories of our kids, grandkids and the joys of the last 18 yrs. plus. I had seen one of the girls only once since 1984.
    Then we took a road trip to San Diego where we had all lived-It was a very fun week and one we plan to do again-next time in Boston.
  • Best memories ...let me think... teaching my friend how to drive and be independent...then teaching her how to train dogs.....
    We had lots of fun....... Then going into competition! that was great... !
  • A friend and I went (with out my hubby and her boyfriend) to the 20 th anniversary of Elvis' death we drove from MD to TN.stopped in a few places getting there and then went o memphis for a few days then to Nashville did the bus tour thing there and then went to Dolly wood then drove back to MD . We had the best time ,took turns driving and we never got lost ( no men driving) LOL.
    We were gone from work 9 days we both were Hairstylists then.
    I have since moved but it is a trip that neither one of us will ever for get.
  • I think some of my best memories are road trips and concerts with my bestest friend Amy. We have been best friends since forever and have some wild and crazy times together. We still go to concerts together. Last summer we went to see Melissa Etheridge together. I hope we can find another concert to go to next summer!
  • I met one of my bests friends in Irvine College (CA) in 2004, during a Human Development night class we both signed up for. Nancy was working on current educational information for her Kindergarten Teaching requirements, and I was just starting on my Early Childhood Development Teaching Certificate (although I was also taking schoolage educational classes on weekends and over summers). We use to spend our down time (before/after classes) at a local coffee house around the corner from campus - discussing homework, her job and my volunteer work, our home life, and life in general. There were more moments then not where she would do all the talking and I would listen, and other times where I would get a word in edgewise. As I think back to those times I admire her for a lot of "stuff" she was going through then and how I was able to just be there for her. A recent road trip that took me back through California recently reminded me of those memorable conversations, and how I wish we lived closer so we could "work" things out over coffee - even if it's only long enough to pick up the coffee, HUG, and say "see you later" or "call me." Now a days we barely have time to get three texts out to one another in a 12 hour day... but she's always a heart beat and a prayer away.
  • I meet with 4 friends every couple of years. We always meet at a different location. We sightsee and shop and just sit around and talk. Everytime is enjoyable. They are all favorite times.