Freebie Forum

  • Morning
    I was wondering if I might suggest something about where the freebies site is.
    I was thinking is there anyway that the freebie forum be added where the contest forum is.
    I posted freebies last night, and I went to go back there this morning and it took me more than 10 mins to find it because I couldn't remember where it was.
    I just think it would be easier to find if it was on the front page of the forum list say with the contest section.
    I love to submit the freebies and think we may get a better hit on them if they were more accessible.
    Anyway just a thought,
    Thanks a bunch
  • Valerie, we keep the freebies in with Frugal Living. As they are not contests, they don't fit in with the contest topic. Frugal Living covers freebies, frugal tips and recipes, etc.
  • Know hon thats not what I meant ...I meant in that section know how there are 3 things in that section? contests and 2 others?
    I meant put it in there with that group.
    It just seems like it would be easier to find is all
    But thanks for getting back to me