Lee National Denim Day (Free Kits to collect donations for Breast Cancer Research)

  • Oct. 6, 2006 is Lee National Denim Day--Please Help to Support Breast Cancer Research!

    To Register: http://www.denimday.com/register.html
    Each organization that registers will receive a free Participation Kit with everything needed to coordinate a fun and successful event. Shipping begins in July. Participation Kits are shipped free of charge to registered organizations, and include:

    Lee National Denim Day Idea Booklet
    With easy event-coordination instructions, suggestions to encourage involvement, and examples of what others have done to make their event successful.

    Lee National Denim Day Promotional Poster
    To display in a common area and let your co-workers or friends know you are participating.

    Pink Ribbon Pins
    The universal symbol for breast cancer awareness for participants to wear in support of the fight against breast cancer.

    Breast Cancer Fact Sheet
    To raise awareness and promote proactive breast health.

    Slicks of Ads, Tribute Cards, Paycheck Stuffers, Receipts, Thank-You Certificates and a Breast Cancer Fact Sheet
    To reproduce copies for distribution to participants.

    A Postage-Paid Donation Envelope
    For sending in contributions to Lee National Denim Day at no cost to your or your organization.

    A Personalized Certificate of Appreciation
    Recognizing you or your company’s participation in Lee National Denim Day.

    Read more about it: http://www.denimday.com/home/news