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aubry 04-25-2002 10:21 AM

Kids CD's for postage?
Does any body know the email too the company that offers kids CD programs for just the cost of postage? I had a couple of ads for it, but I can't find one right now. I had one on my desk for the longest time, but now that I want it , its missing. If offers programs like Reader Rabbit and Leap Ahead. If anyone knows what I am talking about and can help me, I would realy appreciate it!

Amanda 04-26-2002 07:55 AM

Check in the freebies section of this site, there's usually some there :) or go directly to the software section here

kimmyo 05-01-2002 05:04 AM

I recently ordered some educational tapes and games from this site

aubry 05-02-2002 06:21 AM

Thanks, for all your help everyone! I have saved a couple of those sites in my favorites for future use. The one Shawn gave me really has alot too choose from! Even quite a bit for my Mac. Its harder too find the software for my computer. My dh did find the site I was looking for The selection isn't as large but the shipping is only $3.95 and all are compatible with my system. With homeschooling, i will proably use them all soon or later!ROFLMAO
Thanks again!!:daisy:

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