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AnnaInOhio 06-19-2014 05:13 AM

Emergency Food Meal Planning
A can of chicken gravy (or cream of mush., cream or celery, cream of asparagus etc.) with a can of chicken chunks and a can of mushrooms will make rice with chicken and mushrooms. Not that creative, then use a can of soup (how many different kinds are there) over the rice or potatoes. One of my favorite quickie meals is a can of NE clam chowder with a can of clams in it over rice or potatoes, how easy is that? Of course beans over rice and yes rice is pivotal in food storage. If you want to use “minute” type rice it will not store as well as plain rice and brown rice does not store well at all, due to the oil still present in it.


mom 06-20-2014 07:33 PM

Your rice dinner sounded delish. I love using rice for meals.

Today I made cream tuna on toast. 1 can of tuna, 1 can of peas, a little flour and some water cooked to make a thick sauce. Season with butter and salt or soy sauce. It turned out very yummy. Soy sauce works great for an all purpose seasoning.


AnnaInOhio 06-20-2014 07:45 PM


That sounds very good.. do you have a plan in place for making toast if the power is out? I wonder.. could you fry bread in butter in a cast iron skillet and get similar results? I have a cast iron skillet. We have a portable butane stove burner thing so we can cook meals on top of the stove (butane stove).

If long term outage and butter is bad.. I think you can use Crisco butter flavored shortening. Might not taste quite as yummy but would give you results.


mom 06-20-2014 08:06 PM

Well my plans are not solid yet on how to accomplish certain things, but today at the thrift shop I picked up what I believe is a toaster thing that sets on a grill. I would think you could toast bread in a cast iron skillet with a small amount of oil. We use a lot of coconut oil around here so I think I could replace the butter in the recipe with the coconut oil.

I also recently discovered that a package of soft corn tortillas lasts a very long time in my fridge. I was thinking those would be a good thing to have on hand. Along with some refried beans. (of course you would need to fry the tortillas to make them taste good.)

AnnaInOhio 06-21-2014 04:27 AM


I was thinking about that last night after I posted. I think there is a contraption in the camping section that you put bread in and sort of roast it over a open fire.. I'm sure one of the girls will come on here and detail what it is. I've seen them in the thrift stores.

We buy the soft tortilla's all the time.. I keep mine in a large cookie tin, more the size of a cake cookie tin and they do indeed last a long time. I also try to keep crackers stocked up, same thing in one of those cookie tins. I buy the deep ones that a cake would fit in any time I find them cheap in the thrift stores.

It's hard with a the lifestyle we all live in today to imagine all the things we'd. have to do without in times of disaster. Everytime I think I have it all in place and we have a emergency outage... I find that there is still something I've taken for granted. The last one we had 2 years ago.. I have a dog in very poor health, very overweight due to her meds. The power outage lasted almost a week in the heat of summer.. no AC, no fans and we were miserable. She was having a very hard time with the heat. We were able to get ice so I filled one of those hot water bottle things (women use to use them back in the day for douche bags). Anyways I filled it with ice water from the draining ice cubes, kept it in the cooler and put it next to her at night to keep her cooled down. We have since then bought a power generator so hopefully we'll be a little better off next time it happens.


AnnaInOhio 06-21-2014 04:30 AM

Cheap Items To Stock Up On
Hard Tack Candy

You can of course make your own now or just buy it.

I buy bags of butterscotch disc, cinnamon disc and peppermint disc at Dollar General a dollar a bag.

Look for cookie tins with tight fitting lids, put your candy in them and put away. While food is essential, a treat is good for the soul in times of stress.


AnnaInOhio 06-21-2014 05:05 AM

Essential Item To Have For Food Cooking
I have had one of these for years and every time we have a power outage I am so grateful to have it on hand. You can cook soups, fry hamburgers, make coffee (percolator) and a lot of other things on this it is safe to use in the house. This one doesn't show it though it does come included it has a carry case so it's easy to store away and pull out when needed.

I bought mine at GFS (Gordon Food Service) but you can also find them at places like Walmarts in the camping section.

Update International PC-1113, Portable Single Burner | Staples®

You will also need to buy these canisters to go with it. I need to stock up more on these, have about a 10 day supply right now.

Hollowick - BF008 8 oz Butane Fuel Canister

I randomly pulled up on the net for showing purposes, this one is a little pricey and a case of 12 you can get them much cheaper at other places. I get mine 3 pack for $7 something at GFS.


AnnaInOhio 06-21-2014 05:08 AM

Camping Percolator
Here is a percolator similar to one I have, actually I have 2 plus several glass ones that are Corningware from years past.

If you are like me and can't get going in the morning without your coffee, this is a must have item. And at Walmarts its pretty cheap too.

Stansport Campers Coffee Pot: Outdoor Sports :


mom 06-21-2014 05:23 AM


Good thinking on how to cool down your dog, if she had been a pup she probably would have enjoyed a kiddie pool with some water in it.

You are correct regarding modern lifestyles. When ever we don't have electricity I unthinkingly will reach for the light switch.

I agree a percolator is a must. I have been using one for years on the stove, and I also have a backup since my original one is probably close to 15 years old.

I also make sure to have cloth diapers on hand for my grandbaby even though he uses disposables cause you never know when ya won't be able to buy the disposables at the store.


RobertaD 06-21-2014 05:30 AM

There are the cast iron "pie" tongs I guess you could call them for camping that you can do grilled cheese or pizza sandwiches in besides the pie using buttered bread and canned pie filling. There are grill tongs also that would toast bread. We use them at Girl Scout Camp.


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