Freezing sweet corn

  • Just got home with several dozen ears of good Iowa sweet corn and want to know some of your fav. ways (or best) of freezing it.

    I've heard of freezing it straight on the cob but don't know how. Someone told me they cook it in milk then freeze. But I think it tasted gummy when we ate it. Is there more than one way to do this?

    Do you cut the kernals off before or after blanching? How long to blanch?

    It was a good crop this year and I'd like to enjoy it at other times of the year too. Did a google search and there were so many different ways, I figured I'd get better info direct from everyone here at FC!
  • Haley's grandmom
    We have a friend that has always lived in the south.He seems to know his way aroung canning/freezing. He told me to take a angel food cake pan, clean hair brush and a knife. Clean the corn withthe hairbrush, then insert the corn into the hole of the cake pan , using the knife cut the kernels of the cob , then take your knife again and scrab the cob making sure you get all the milk out from the cob. He then places the corn in a zip lock bag with about 4 or 5 ice cubes. That's it. It doestaste like of the cob. When you cook it put a little sugar in your water and you'll never know it was frozen.
  • LJsmom--I know it is too late for this year, but here is how this Iowan freezes sweet corn. Freezing your corn as soon as possible after picking does help keep the fresh corn on the cob taste, if it is not possible keep corn cool.I blanch my corn before cutting off the cob. I bring my water to a boil in a big kettle, add corn (8-12 ears depending on the size) which will take the boil down. Wait til the water returns to boils then remove to cold water. We run them under cold water to take the first heat off then put in an ice bath til the cob is cold( you can test the cob on the end of the ear). After the corn has cooled, cut off with a knife being careful to cut kernels but not the cob. I usually turn my knife over and scrape the cob for milk after I cut all the kernels off. Bag in freezer bags, remove as much air as possible when sealing and freeze.
    You are right there are many ways to freeze corn--this is just works for me.
  • I blanch and do as Joy does but instead of cutting nibblets off I just freeze on the cob in air tight bags.
  • The only way that I freeze corn on the cob is to remove some of the husk and stick it in the freezer. We usually eat it pretty quick, and only have a freezer on the fridge. I don't like to boil it and put it up there because the refrigerator and freezer will smell like corn as long as it is there. I don't like my refrigerator to smell like corn every time that I open it.