Freezing fruits

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  • I plan to hopefully, if they are plentiful this year to freeze fruits. Has anyone done this? I know that strawberries, cantalope, blackberries and blueberries can be frozen.

    But how do I do it? Do I just wash them and stick them in a bag? Or do I need to do something else to them? And what kinds of fruits can be frozen?
  • Thank you so much for the freezing of fruits tips.
  • One way I freeze fruits is to wash them and place them on a cookie sheet to freeze first... and then put them in a ziplock freezerbag and you can take out a handfull or whatever you need. I usually freeze grapes, strawberries and melons.
  • The berries shouldn't be washed before freezing or they will burst from the water crystals that will form.....just put them in a zip lock bag in workable quantities. wash when you want to use them.
    otherwise you will have mush!

    queen of frozen blueberries and the like
  • I guess I should have added that I mostly just use the frozen fruits for fruit smoothies
  • Here ya go! all the info you'll ever need....
  • Thanks for that website Jeannie!!!

    That will be a big help!
  • that is a great can trust us canadians to know how to freeze.....things....

  • hehee...*wink*
  • One thing about dry freezing fruit, it usually works best if you put them on a cookie sheet/jelly roll pan and freeze them on the pan individually, then put them in freezer bags.