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CulinaryJen 10-22-2002 05:42 AM

How to store soup via a Vacuum Sealer

I am 30 weeks pregnant, and I am freezing meals for after my baby is born. I plan to make a bean soup this week, and have a vacuum sealer.

What would be the best approach, using my vacuum sealer, to freeze my soup? :confused:



(PS With my lasagna, I put it in the refrigerator to solidify...then, cut into individual portions, slipped them into bags, sealed and put in the freezer.)

EJaginLa 10-26-2002 09:55 PM

Using Food Saver bags for Soup
I pre-freeze my soups in rectangular pyrex dishes so that they lie flat in my freezer once they are put into the food saver bags and then sealed.

MiSuAmReSaMaDaBu 10-27-2002 06:16 AM

I'm not a very good cook but here are a couple of ideas. I too have frozen soup in a dish first then vacuum sealed. Another option is to freeze some initially in a ziplock bag of what ever size you choose and then vacuum pack the whole thing after it's frozen.

Have a great day and take care of yourselfand that new little one.

preacherswife 10-27-2002 10:52 AM

Great idea to prepare meals before the baby comes. Some people freeze main dishes and soups in 1 gallon or larger ice cream tubs of a diameter that fits inside their crock pots. You might want to look up OAMC (once a month cooking) sites, or the Food Saver list on Yahoo for more ideas. I recommend that you freeze some "meal mixes" too, like browned burger and onion for sloppy joes, tacos, etc. More time to enjoy the baby!

Jeannie 10-27-2002 08:25 PM

I freeze soups in those wonderful Glad containers....

I don't have one of those vacuum thingies, but whatever you do, make sure the soup is cool first!..... you can put hot soup in the Glad containers.

AnnaInOhio 10-28-2002 06:08 AM

Vacuum Sealing
I have a vacuum sealer too though I don't use it near enough and everyones right, freeze in container first then vacuum sealer, just run water on the bottom of container and soup should fall right out, put in vacuum bag and seal away:) Cook for a month is a great plan and I also am trying to do this, just bought a second freezer Saturday at a garage sale for $20.00 it's old so I will use it just for fruits, veggies, and bread leaving more space in my upright freezer for meals to put on the shelf. This is a good idea not only for pregnant Mom's but anybody who works, plan ahead for surgeries or even that unexpected surgery when all your hubby or kids have to do is get a meal out, cook or microwave and dinner is on the table instead of fast fooding. Best wishes.


momoftwo 10-30-2002 03:45 AM

Hello CulinaryJen, Congrats on your expecting arrival. Since your prepairing for a baby, I would suggest that you freeze your soup in ice cube trays first. I did the same with my DS's. It works great, because you can take out one or two cubes at a time as you need them. This way your not waisting a larger amount of soup everytime you use it. I know that it takes alot of work to get prepaired for your little bundle of joy.

On another note ~ I was considering on buying a vaccum sealer myself. Is it really worth the cost? What am I saying - I'm sure its better then throwing food away due to freezer burn. :-D

With out being nosey, is $126-157.00 a fair price? I don't want to over pay! How much longer can you actually keep meats and such in the freezer using this method? I would really like your opinions on the use of the vaccum sealer.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!!!:daisy:

AnnaInOhio 10-30-2002 06:46 AM

Vacuum Sealer To Buy or Not to Buy

I have the top of the line food sealer on sale it was $150.00 and came with some attachments for vacuum sealing jars. I wish I had waited as later I ran across 3 different ones at thrift stores for under $10.00 :( I don't use mine very much but I have frozen meats in it and you can stick them directly from freezer to microwave and they cook up pretty quick as I discovered by accident thawing out some steaks :p My brand I believe is Tilia Food Saver. It is one of those security things for me, it's nice to know I have it if I need it, same as with my ice cream maker, pizelle maker, bread machine, all those must have kitchen toys:) hope this helps, my best advice is to look around at yard sales, ebay, thrift stores, etc. and get it used versus new with the hefty price tag.


momoftwo 10-30-2002 06:50 PM

Thanks Anna for the suggestion. I will be checking ebay and some tag sales. I hope that I'll use it if I find one reasonably priced. I too have alot of kitchen gadgets. Now I just need a bigger kitchen.

Thanks again,

AnnaInOhio 10-31-2002 07:52 AM

Every woman's Dream
Count me in on the bigger kitchen. We have a small ranch style house and 8 years ago I was not into cooking at all! Now I have shelving units in the basement, in our extra bedroom and of course my food storage room where I keep all my kitchen toys that don't get used that often. We haven't decided whether to tackle adding on or just waiting and buying a bigger house? I am absolutely addicted to kitchen toys, crepe maker, hot dog toaster, etc. I have learned though to buy used versus new, alot less expensvie and I don't feel so bad if I only use once a year-it's nice to know if I feel creative I have it there to try-I will never forget my electric cookie gun that also could be used for icing cakes-I had this brilliant idea to put deviled egg mixture in there and make these fancy swirls in the egg halves. Well it started out great but then the machine wouldn't shut and I had egg salad mix going everywhere:-P:: LOL but it was still fun and I learned next time to use a manual gun instead of electric.


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