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banjomom 01-31-2002 10:56 AM

Question about canning
Okay, I have a dumb question.

I have been thinking about learning to can, but I'm wondering -- does it really save money? If I canned store-bought vegetables or made store-bought fruits into jellies, would I still save money, or do you pretty much have to grow your own?

I don't have a garden right now, but I'm hoping to have one next year after we move. Can any of you experienced canners help me out with a cost\benefit analysis?

Thank you!

otheila 01-31-2002 12:40 PM

Lets take strawberries
If you don't grow them and you go to an u-pick it'll cost you about $15 a flat. Then depending on the type of jam you make you'll need a fruit pectin about $1, I don't make that kind, a bottle of lemon juice $0.50 And sugar about a bag for every 2 boxes approx.
15+7+1= 23
So it'll work out to a little under a dollar for each 2c bottle of Jam.

kimmyo 01-31-2002 07:18 PM

I grow my own grapes and make grape jelly. I doubt I'm really saving anything but I definitely am feeding my family the best tasting grape jelly my money can buy!:-D

I do buy my strawberries in May from a fruit market and my dh won't eat any other strawberry jam since I started making my own!:heart: I have even sold a few jars to some of his co-workers who raved about it!:-O

otheila 01-31-2002 07:40 PM

Just curious
I have grape vines too. 3 of them. I get about 100 lbs of grapes per season. How much do you get? I couldn't tell you what type of grapes they are, purple is all I know. They've been inthe backyard for as long as anyone can remember. 1 neighbour has been here 65 years and they were there then.
I just think mine are way out of whack and just curious on others yeild.

Amanda 01-31-2002 07:47 PM

How do berries do in shade? I hav ea lot of trees and would love to plant some berries, but not sure how they would do.

otheila 01-31-2002 07:55 PM

Depending on what kind you get they can well. I have a climbing blueberry vine that loves partial shade. Raseberry and blackberries need sun. I would caution any one with planting these they spread rapidly. I gave a friend of mine over 50 1st year plants last year and you would never think that I took any away. My rasberry patch is only 10x10 but they try to sneak all over the yard. Same with strawberries, sun and spread.

Amanda 01-31-2002 08:06 PM

Thanks otheila! I have a great yard for this kind of thing, My entire perimeter is lined by trees and I have a little under 3/4 of an acre, so i have plenty of room. There is one patch at the bottom of the hill that gets the most sun, that's where I planned on putting my garden. I would really like to start some berries this spring, though I probably won't yield much this first year right?

jeanne 01-31-2002 10:26 PM


I have been canning for over 10 years and do so not so much to save money but to control the flavor of produce and fruits, and to guarantee that there are no artificial preservatives and/or chemicals that I cannot even pronounce.

Now, if I am given a huge bag of something like rhubarb, hot peppers or tomatoes from a friend, then it saves tons of money. I grow my own tomatoes, cukes, peppers, pickles, and quite a number of culinary herbs. I put up jams, jellies, preserves, conserves, sauces, etc. every year. I have a great supermarket across the street from where I live and when cherries are in season, I call their produce manager and get a great cost on a case rather than buying cherries per pound.

I also use the jars of what I put up as Christmas and hostess gifts every year so there too it saves me lots of money on presents.

Anyone who wants to learn how to can is invited to join a discussion group I co-moderate....Creative Canning Cuisine at Yahoo Groups: subscribe: [email protected]

Newbies and experienced canners are always welcome. We discuss the current USDA methods of canning.

Love and hugs,

Amanda 02-01-2002 06:44 AM

Thank you, I have just subscribed!

otheila 02-01-2002 08:50 AM

You won't get any berries the first year unless you buy 2 year old plants. If it is rasberries/blackberries ask someone who has them growing and they probably will be more then glad to give some of their 2 yr old plants to thin out their patches. I give tons away every year they spread so badly.

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