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  • Okay, I admit to now having an appliance which was a gift and I have never even tried using it. Worse yet, I have had it for three or four years and it is in the back of my pantry gathering dust. (In fact, it is so far back that I can only see the corner of the box!)

    I would be interested in comments on dehydrators from those who have used them. What do you use it for? Is it a useful appliance or one that eventually ends up in the garage sale stuff? I have two very large gardens and an orchard that present limitless possibilities but ...

    Thanks for any help here.

  • We use the large Excalibur dehydrator, it is great...but I wish I could say I used mine for the garden. Really I can see a lot of possibilities...however, my husband uses it for jerky the most. We make beef jerky at least twice each winter. Other members of our family borrow it for deer jerky, if they get one.
  • We use our dehydrator a lot. In fact, I just stopped putting it away. We make jerky, even fish jerky. We dry peppers, scallions, mushrooms, herbs, hot peppers and my favorite is tomatoes. We have a rack in the grocery store, we endearingly refer to as the "rotten vegetable rack"...the ones they discount because they're too ripe. We buy the tomatoes for drying from that rack. (we also get avocados that melt in your mouth and instantly make guacamole). The tomatoes are wonderful for cooking and the kids even love to snack on them. Sometimes I put them in the mashed potatoes. If I make instant, I put them in as I boil the water and then just mix the flakes right's great! I highly recommend a dehydrator. I haven't done any fruit yet, but I am thinking it would be neat to do strawberries for cereal or for oatmeal.
  • Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the dried veggies look wonderful in canning jars.
  • I bought apples on sale last week and I am going to make dried apples in my dehydrator. I plan to take them on our camping trip to snack on!
  • I think it is one of those appliances that once you began to use it and see what it can do, you would enjoy it!

    I bought one last summer and dehydrated blueberries, apples, bananas, and made, I am hooked.
  • Mama Do the bananas get crunchy like the ones you buy? I wanted to do some but dh says it won't be the same.

    Kim That will be great for the camping trip!! I know you're ready to go! It will be time before ya know it.
  • Lisa you know I am so excited! Wish I had a laptop PC I could take ya'll with me!
  • You mean, we're not going?

    LOL That would be a sight, wouldn't it? I'm sure you'll have enough fun for all of us.
  • Dried Pears are great!
    My "men" love dried pears. They are better than apples. Also love to use mine to dry mushrooms. Use them by crumbling into gravy, soups, browned meat, etc...
    Also onions (I have to put it out on the screen porch though.....pee-uwww), peppers, shredded zucchini (rehydrated works great for bread/cake), watermelon is yummy, but sticky.

    Has anyone made their own "Minute" rice? Hope to try potatoes this year.

    btw, I am "new" but like what I've seen so far.