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ronsan 08-13-2002 06:41 AM

? homemade frozen hash brown potatoes
Is it possible to make frozen hash brown potatoes from fresh potatoes?

The drought here in southern Missouri has wrecked havoc with my potato crop and quite a few of the smaller Yukon Golds won't make it through the winter stored in the fruit cellar as I normally do.

I buy a bag of frozen hash brown type potatoes about once a month for use in a casserole and am wondering if anyone can offer a tried-and-true "how-to" for making these myself. I realize that under "normal" circumstances, potatoes don't freeze very well, but am bugged by the fact that if we can buy them in a grocery freezer section, there has to be a way we can make them ourselves!

Thanks for any help offered!


Georgiamc 08-17-2002 07:21 AM

Homemade hashbrowns
Hi Sandy,
I have made them before I dont know if there is a proper way to do this but I shred my potatoes with a chess grater and then let them sit for a few minutes in cold water..Drain them well and I always drop them in a hot skillet for just a few min .sort of let them brown lightly then remove them and drain on a paper towel..then when they are cooled I put them in plastic baggies or even small plastic containers..they have so far turned out really good...
hope this will help you so those good potatoes dont go to waste..they are like buying gold here in my part of Texas..
Good luck..:)

allenlee714 08-17-2002 12:46 PM

my roomie says you have to bake them first then when they cool shred or chop them and let them dry awhile and then freeze them...i added maybe after that you could dehydrate them on a dehydrater then freeze them.....along with some green peppers........i'm going to try that myself......hmmmmmm

ronsan 08-26-2002 07:53 AM

I tried it ... AND IT WORKS!
Some days ago, I posted this question "Is it possible to make frozen hash brown potatoes from fresh potatoes? "

And the answer is YES! I couldn't tell the difference in the recipe I have (Texas potato casserole, made with frozen hash brown potatoe cubes, cream of chicken soup, sour cream, butter, shredded cheese, etc. You just mix it up, put in greased dish and bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees.)

I thought I would try one batch all the way through before I set up an assembly-style production. I baked four extra potatoes the next time we had baked potatoes for dinner, refrigerated the potatoes in their skins until the next morning, peeled and then cut into small cubes to resemble the ones I had been buying in the store. I spread out on a cookie sheet and partially froze, then removed and packed into a ziploc freezer bag. None stuck together this way. When fully frozen, there was no color difference.

A couple of days later, I took the contents and made up my recipe. The color of the potatoes stayed true and the finished product was identical to what I was used to. My recipe makes a good sized batch and even the reheated leftovers were wonderful. The individual potato cubes were a bit mushy on the reheat but even the original recipe with purchased frozen potato cubes results in this when reheated. Doesn't affect the look or taste, really...

I am very pleased with this method as I am able to handle "some" at a time instead of devoting hours to this project. It works for me!! Just thought you would like to know, and thanks to all who offered responses!


frecklegirl 03-20-2005 09:33 AM

You also could make the whole cassarole with the raw potatoes and freeze it in the dish you are going to bake it in all of the ing. should freeze well


cat lover 01-17-2015 06:50 AM

Years and years ago I made "frozen" fries with a 50 lb bag of potatoes; they had to be cooked a very short while and then frozen and then you could even bake them if you wanted when you took them back out of the freezer to use. Anyone else done any freezer potatoes and had good luck doing so?

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