Vacuumn food storage system

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  • Because I am now cooking for one I have thought about one of these. Saw a recommendation in The Cheapskate monthly for a Tila food storage system. I want to know if you have one and do you think it is worth it. This one seal mason jars s well as bags.
  • My MIL has had one for a while now. I can't say if she uses it all that often, but she does use it. Hers came with a few plastic containers. She uses them to seal lettuce and marshmallows. She uses the bags to freeze tomatoes, zukes, etc. If I were cooking for one, I would think it would be a GREAT investment. I'd buy one now if I had the money just to save leftovers and fresh veggies.
  • I have a Foodsaver and I love it. I don't have the attachment for jars but would like one. The stuff that I have done up and put in the freezer doesn't freezerburn like other methods. Give it a try I think that you'll like it.

  • My DH's sister has one and LOVES it! SO much so, that her daughter (our niece) that is getting married in 2 weeks put that on her registry wish list. That is the gift we bought for her wedding shower. They have already started to use it as one of the gifts they got was a gift certificate to a slaughter house nearby.

    I never really thought about owning one before that. But, the more I think about it, the more I know that I want one!

    BTW -- the one my SIL has and the one our niece wanted is the Food Saver at Wal-Mart for roughly $ 95.00 . Since they both like that one, it is the one we will get...........whenever we have another extra $ 95.00 laying around!!
  • I've had my foodsaver for 3-1/2 years and still love it. Hubby got it for me as an xmas gift. Check out ebay for a good deal, as its one of those things you'll either use or you won't. I keep ours on the counter top (only other appliances out are the toaster & coffeemaker). We wash & reuse the bags, but you can also get them at Sam's & Walmart. I have the jar sealer, a marinator & the canisters. Got to tell you... I sealed a bag of sunflower seeds (shelled) for two years and they didn't go bad or get rancid at all. That's a money saver! (So is not forgetting you have them, too! )

  • We love ours!! It's will seal potatoe chips up right in the same bag they came in! You will love it!!
  • We have one and it is one of the best investments we have ever [email protected][email protected]#)()@#([email protected]#)$(
  • Vacuum food storage system
    It is just my DH and me and we are retired. I bought my food saver several years ago and as great as I thought it was then, it has been much more valuable since our income has been 'fixed'(?). I can take advantage of the lower bulk prices and not worry about things getting freezer burned or otherwise going bad. I have the cannisters and will eventually get the marinator. It has truly been a money saver for us.

    Have a Jesus blessed day!
  • I have one also.Unforunatly it is not working right now.But i love it.The money I have saved in saving and using leftovers is well worthit alone.I have the jar sealer.And would really love to get the marinator.But no point if i can't figure out what is wrong with it.Has anyone else had a problem with it not sealing.
  • I love mine. It is wonderful and always stays on my counter since I use it everyday.

    It is really good for when you want to cook food ahead of time. also for things we don't eat often like cereal and chips, we just re-seal the bag and it stays fresh.

    The only times mine hasn't sealed is when I haven't left enough room in the bag and it can't get all the air out first.