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Jenna 01-31-2002 09:38 AM

Does anyone store food?
Hi Everyone!

I am wondering if anyone stores food in a big way. I know that those from the LDS church store enough food for a year. I am really interested in doing this(probably on a smaller scale!).

Has anyone done this? How do you start? What do you store and how? Do you use special containers? I would really appreciate your wisdom!

Thanks for your help!

Amanda 01-31-2002 09:50 AM

Interesting topic! My BIL stored major amounts of food, but that was because he was a Y2K fanatic. LOL Does that count? hee hee :-P:: I look forward to seeing any replies on this one!

Gena 02-02-2002 10:04 AM

Long Term Storage
i am an LDS member, we do lots food storage, packaged in diff ways , depending on the type of food you wish to store,
most foods are storable for a minimum of one year, lots foods
can be stored longer with proper packing.

look in your local phone book for a Latter Day Saints church
in your area, contact someone there, they can put you in touch
with the ladies that are experts in this, I do a little bit, but I
dont have the storage space for a lot.

the women are wonderful and the recipes are totally awesome!!

Jenna 02-02-2002 11:24 AM

Thanks so much, Gena!


Songberries 02-04-2002 08:48 AM

Re:Food Storage
Hi, I'm Carol from Utah, and I am LDS. I have a few ideas about food storage for you. A lot of people are into storing wheat, powdered milk, and honey, but these aren't good to store unless these are things you normally use. The best thing to do is to start out buying a few extra of things you normally use, when they are on sale. Buying case goods on sale is good to, some stores have big case good sales a couple of times a year. If you buy things that aren't in cans, bottles or plastic bottles you need to think about bugs. You can put pasta and things like this in jars or cans with resealable lids. Make sure you date things, and rotate your supply, then things will stay fresh longer. You can store things anywhere, but a cool dry place is best. I have shelves in the basement for long term storage, and a pantry off the kitchen where I store a supply of frequently used things.
Hope this helps.

Jenna 02-05-2002 10:33 AM

Hi Carol!

Thanks so much for your advise! I am looking into containers for storage and DH is going to build some shelves in the basement. I have bought a few case lots of food that we eat all the time and have a supply of some staples such as rice.

Will you be attending any of the Olympic events? I live in Calgary, Canada. We hosted the Olympics in 1988, it was alot of fun! We saw a few of the indoor events and met so many wonderful people from all over the world! I wish my kids had been old enough to remember it. They were 6 and 3 at the time and can't remember a thing! Hope you will have fun!

Thanks again!

tama-toe 02-05-2002 11:04 AM

Well I am not LDS, but I did live in Layton, UT and worked in SLC. There was so much to learn from them about this subject. I won't give you any advice cuz I am hardly an expert and would probably mess it up anyway. But I did find this great site that talks about getting started scroll down to the bottom of the page and they talk about doing this on 5.00 a week or 10.00 a week, very helpful.

Plus here is a food storage recommendation calculator

If you have time poke around in this site for food storage there are some amazing ways people store there food. There was a discussion on a lady that stored it in her walls. I am sure I am missing some other helpful info this site has to offer too.

Songberries 02-05-2002 12:23 PM

Hi Jenna,
I won't be going to any of the events, I guess all I could think of was all the crowds and traffic, so we decided not to attend any. The torch will be coming through my town tomorrow, so I will be taking 3 of my five with dh and me to watch. I am singing with the Box Elder Symphonic Choir at an Olympic performance on Sunday. It will be outdoors in a tent heated to 55 degrees, but I think it will be fun. I have a lot of friends that are volunteers for the Olympics.
Good luck with the food storage, don't forget mice love food storage, I keep mouse traps in that area from time to time, we've only had a problem once.

Jenna 02-06-2002 09:05 AM

Hi tama-toe,

Thanks so much for the links! They are really great!

Boy! I am really going to have to have alot more food than I currently have. The calculator says I need 600 lbs of wheat!:eek:

We actually eat the sort of items that are suggested to store, so I won't have to worry about making my family eat things they wouldn't be used to.

My family still talks about how my son(first child) never tasted sugar until he was 3 years old. My sister babysat for him and thought it would be nice to give him pop for the first time. He loved it, but was sick to his stomach all night!
I can't really blame her though, she was not a Mom at the time.


carmenblack 02-21-2002 08:54 AM

Storage ideas
I've been keeping a one-year pantry for about 2&1/2 years now. It has saved us many, many dollars on our grocery bill as we only purchase items on sale, usually loss leader items. All sales rotate so that one week I'm buying toilet paper and chicken noodle soup, the next week it may be toothpaste and tomato sauce. Getting a fully-stocked pantry took almost 8 months this way but we only spent a little extra at each trip to the grocery instead of making a monumental expenditure. I also accumulated storage containers as I went along. Nothing could frustrate me more that saving all that money then losing out to mice or moths etc. I use lots of different kinds of containers. Dollar Store canisters with screw-top lids for rice, beans, chocolate chips etc and Tupperware modular mates for large items that we buy in bulk like flour, sugar, cornmeal etc. The Tupperware seals seem to leave little room for error as I struggle to close them myself sometimes. My GMIL saves large glass coffee jars (waste not, want not) and I keep smaller quantities in those. Never leave boxed foods like macaroni and cheese in the box. Mites and moths feed on the glue holding the packages together and eventually eat right into your food product. I keep a lot of mac & cheese but I open all the boxes and store all the noodles in one canister and all the cheese packets in another. I measure the amount of noodles in one package and write that amount on the lid of the canister, such as 3/4c = 1 box or whatever. We also garden and home-can a lot of veggies. Food storage was definately an important step for us on our way to frugal living.

chknldy 02-21-2002 03:03 PM

does anyone store food
I buy all my baking supplies, rice, grains etc. in bulk at a resturaunt supply store ( cash n carry)(AG store)it is alot cheaper than Costco.I also shop at Winco Foods.Anyways I usually use any kind of container coffee cans,milk jugs,I look for items that I can reuse,Mayo in gallon jars,Pickles in gallon jars.I divide up my bulk things and freeze with the lid on loosely.then take out of freezer with the cap off for a day so moisture doesn't stay in there.We have dry air here so moisture isn't a problem.Put the lid on and store on shelf.The freezing kills and bug eggs that are naturely in food.sorry so long winded.:rolleyes: ~~Sue Washington state~~

MrsManiac 03-18-2002 10:52 AM

carmen, thanks for the idea of separating the mac-n-cheese. I keep wanting to buy lots of it and store it, but am afraid of attracting weevils(?) and mice. I was invaded once before and don't want to deal with it ever again lol! I have several large airtight jars that will work great for this!!

EJaginLa 04-07-2002 11:09 PM

RE:Does Anyone Store Food?
I won't call myself an expert but I have been doing this for over a year now. The most important lesson is to buy what your family eats. If your family doesn't eat wheat then don't store it. I began this out of necessity. Following an accident I was left visually impaired and unable to drive. With 3 very active boys and a very busy husband I found myself stranded and without the ability to just run to the store when I needed something. After 3 years of crying and coming to terms with these limitations I decided to get off my duff and do something about it so I cleaned out what use to be my craft room and bought 4-5' metal shelves and got busy. Every week I'd hit the sales hard on those items that we used often. If there was a limit then I brought the whole family and even the neighbors kids if the sale was really great. No light is very important in storage so I covered each of my shelving units with velcro and black heavy plastic.

EJaginLa 04-07-2002 11:28 PM

I learned to can my meals with the use of my pressure cooker and how to use a dehydrator. These two techniques of preserving food are absolutely wonderful. I obtained large buckets ranging from 1 to 5 gallon sizes from cake shops, deli's and restaurants for free, just for asking. Make sure that it is food grade plastic and not a bucket they had cleaners in.

P.S.-Bay leaves are a wonderful and natural deterent for bugs and rodents in your food storage area.

I used my regular shopping lists as guides for how much my family needs. For instance I knew that we used a 9 pack of Charmin Ultra Double Rolls toilet tissue each month therefore I knew that I needed 12 of these for 1 year. I did the same with everything from food, cleaning supplies and toiletries to clothing.

My store may have developed out of necessity but I must admit it is wonderful. I'll never have to experience the humiliation of asking a male neighbor to drive me to the store to get feminine napkins again.

thezoo 05-02-2003 11:10 AM

I keep my grocery costs down to $125 Canadian by buying when things are on sale and stocking up. The mixes site is a great help. I made the alfredo sauce mix and they love it. Canning is a must to keep costs low.

MrsManiac 05-04-2003 07:36 AM

I agree about canning. Granted, not everyone can do it cheaply--a big part of keeping the costs down is growing your own stuff. But I can't tell you how much I've saved over the past two years, growing and canning my veggies. If you can't can(:-D --say that three times fast lol), freezing may be a better option.

thezoo 05-05-2003 08:19 AM

Yes, I have a big freezer. In it I store tomatoes (when I have way too many to can in one day), apples, peaches, ripe bananas, berries for pies, and some homemade apple juice (that my husband and son just love). I prefer it made into hot apple cider that my daughter and I prefer instead of tea or coffee. Of course all meat goes in there especially when hams and roasts go on sale. When turkeys are on sale we buy 2, it is so versitile. My Mom always shares a deer with me and that is used for deer jerky and bones for the dogs. I have 5 big ones. I will make up pie shells and freeze them ahead during the holidays, then I have a fresh pie in about 1 hour when needed. I also freeze cookies that my kids give away in Christmas baskets to friends, family and people that don't have much. We include in the baskets homemade jams and butters, a loaf of homemade bread, and maybe homemade candles. I could not do it without a freezer and canning. I don't know how it is going to be this year because I can't walk very well with my new disability. My daughter wants to try it by herself this year, she is 11 now and has a heart of gold.

EJaginLa 05-07-2003 05:23 AM

thezoo; Please teach your daughter the art of cooking, storing and preserving food. My mother was always too busy with 6 kids and I had to learn most of my skills on my own. This is a gift that she will treasure for a lifetime. Short of being physically capable of handling the larger canning pots she can do everything else. Kids are like sponges at this age and they absorb everything so well. Go for it!

thezoo 05-07-2003 05:53 AM

She has been in the kitchen with me since she could walk. Last year my 2 kids won a cooking contest that all the other competitors were adults. They came in 2nd. I am very proud. They won with our Pumpkin Butter that I have posted in one of these sites, check my past posts.(^) They did everything by themselves including growing the pumpkins. It tastes like having Pumpkin Pie on toast.mmmm

Lee 05-07-2003 06:06 AM

thezoo, your daughter sounds terrific. I just started not long ago with freezing but as for canning I dont know that I will ever do to much of that. I remember my grandma doing though my favorite were the canned Queen Anne Cherries, Strawbery Jam! She grew up on a farm so she has the know how of how to do it all. I never learned which is sad because I know she wanted me to at the time though I thought it was stupid....Another thing to kick yourself over lol!

thezoo 05-07-2003 06:32 AM

I learned by doing. Somethings worked and somethings didn't. I still have a problem with canning beans. So, I just freeze them. Start with a batch of jam. Borrow a book from the library or try a web site for help. Once you do your first canning you are hooked and there is nothing better than fresh homemade jam. We never by jam unless it is something that we don't grow here like apricots. My dh likes marmalade, my dd likes strawberry and raspberry, my ds likes blueberry and apple and I can never have enough blackberry jam. If you have a loaf of homemade bread that is still warm from the oven to spread your jam on nothing can compare to that for the rest of the day. Your family starts to brag to the world about how good of a cook their Mom is. My dd likes to bring friends over for homemade waffles with homemade strawberry or apple preserves. They are always a hit. I'm getting hungry now I think I'll have some toast.:p

MrsManiac 09-27-2006 04:41 PM

I'm well on my way to having at least enough canned goods for a year--I'd like to do the freezer, too, but it's too small. I'm also unsure about storing flour and cornmeal, so I buy those every month or so. This is pretty much a space issue, though. I'm working on reorganizing my pantry area(s) to make it fit lol!!
I was able to do a lot of canning this year and am trying my hand at storing dried tomatoes in oil--not sure how long they will last so I didn't do many.
I'm very glad I started doing this--we're still struggling financially and now that dh is back to work, I can relax about the grocery bill for a while so we can put more effort into the house payment and maybe not end up homeless. Lol!! If we lose the house, I can always build a shack out of cans of veggies!

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