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thezoo 05-07-2003 06:32 AM

I learned by doing. Somethings worked and somethings didn't. I still have a problem with canning beans. So, I just freeze them. Start with a batch of jam. Borrow a book from the library or try a web site for help. Once you do your first canning you are hooked and there is nothing better than fresh homemade jam. We never by jam unless it is something that we don't grow here like apricots. My dh likes marmalade, my dd likes strawberry and raspberry, my ds likes blueberry and apple and I can never have enough blackberry jam. If you have a loaf of homemade bread that is still warm from the oven to spread your jam on nothing can compare to that for the rest of the day. Your family starts to brag to the world about how good of a cook their Mom is. My dd likes to bring friends over for homemade waffles with homemade strawberry or apple preserves. They are always a hit. I'm getting hungry now I think I'll have some toast.:p

MrsManiac 09-27-2006 04:41 PM

I'm well on my way to having at least enough canned goods for a year--I'd like to do the freezer, too, but it's too small. I'm also unsure about storing flour and cornmeal, so I buy those every month or so. This is pretty much a space issue, though. I'm working on reorganizing my pantry area(s) to make it fit lol!!
I was able to do a lot of canning this year and am trying my hand at storing dried tomatoes in oil--not sure how long they will last so I didn't do many.
I'm very glad I started doing this--we're still struggling financially and now that dh is back to work, I can relax about the grocery bill for a while so we can put more effort into the house payment and maybe not end up homeless. Lol!! If we lose the house, I can always build a shack out of cans of veggies!

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