How to cool food in a small kitchen???

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  • In the food industry we use a couple of different methods: 1)divide food in to smaller containers so it will cool faster 2) ice water bath - take a soup or sauce and place the container into a larger one that is filled with ice water, stir until cooled will take at least 10-15 min depending on your batch size 3) cooling stick - this is actually a stir stick that is frozen and used to stir the food cooling it from the inside out (check at the higher priced kitchen stores). It is actually not recommended to put hot food in the fridge for 2 reasons 1) it makes your fridge work harder to cool off costing you more $$ and 2) it can raise the fridge temp to the danger zone (temp at which bacteria etc will rapidly multiply). Both of these things will just cost you money in the long run.
  • I've heard references to OAMC, but don't know the basics. Can someone tell me the basics, enough to get me started? Thanks! Amy
  • Just check out Family Corner!
    Amy -

    I had the exact same thought when I was reminded about OAMC above .... when I thought about it, I knew there would be other Family Corner members exchanging Ideas about it somewhere so I started clicking around.

    There are loads of Ideas and references right here .... The easiest way to get there is to go to the bottom of this page and click on Forum Jump, up arrow once to Once a Month Cooking, highlight and click 'Go' .... or to the top of this page and click on the link that says "Planning Ahead", then you'll see a OAMC link.

    From there you have loads of choices to get you started ....

    And, as always, the thing I love about this site is if you still have questions, just ask

    I love all the great members of this site .... No matter what the need or question, there are always loads of answers and others out there who are, "just like me..."