Foods that freeze well

  • One of the readers sent this to me:

    I just want to pass on a few of the things that I have found freeze well.
    Potato chips, nachos, etc. When they are opened, just put the rest back in, they are great and don't get stale. Also you can freeze cheese, I buy shredded cheese on sale and put in the freezer til needed. It only takes a few minutes to thaw and if you don't use it all, put the rest back. You can also freeze cereal, crackers, bread, noodles, instant potatoes, cake mixes and flour. Buy on sale and stock up. I try to put the boxed items at one end of the freezer. It is a good idea to use a permanent marker to put the date on and move the older ones to the top when you put in the new.

    We also buy a 1/4 of beef every year. So at that time, when my freezer is low on meat, I remove everything and defrost the freezer. I put everything in boxes, or clothes baskets and cover with a blanket until the freezer is defrosted. It is good to do on a cool day or when you have the air conditioner on. It doesn't take too long to defrost your freezer. I just use a scoop and a bucket to get out as much frost before it all melts completely and then just take old towels to soak up the rest. Then I take some warm soapy water and wash it out with a rag. This really is not a hard job, but the stretching to the bottom is a little difficult as I am short!
    At this time I get a good look at what is left and what I really use. I keep the meat at one end and try to stack according to cuts. When I put everything back, I put the newest in the bottom and proceed to put the older items on top. This seems to work very well for me, I know where most everything is. I keep the cheese, hot dogs, bags of frozen vegetable and other things that I can flatten out in the wire baskets.

    This is also a time when I use some of the meat that hasn't been used up. I use my canner and cook up several packages of meat, then I tear the meat up, add some of the vegetables that may be in the freezer, and make vegetable soup. I usually do this at the end of the summer, so I also have cabbage and tomatoes that I can add to it. If not I may need to buy a few items to put in the soup. But it is great soup. I then put it in containers and freeze. Makes great meals later and also handy when you need to take something to someone who is sick. Soup is great when you don't feel well, and home made is the best! People love it!

    Hope this has been helpful!

    Ps. I don't read this everyday, as I just don't have time. So if you use this info, could you let me know. I'd like to see if there is any response to it! This is the first time I have ever done this. Just curious as to how it works and want to get back to the right site! I'm new at this.
  • milk?
    I know that you can freeze milk. I have a chest freezer and have room in it, so I would like to freeze milk. The store I normally buy my groceries from has it much cheaper than the local grocery store around here. However, I just don't have enough room in my fridge to store more than three gallons. We go through a lot of milk, so freezing it seems like a good option.

    I'm wondering though, do you need to remove any milk from the plastic gallon jug before freezing it to take into account the exansion when it freezes?

    And how long does it take to thaw in the fridge?

  • There should be enough space at the top to allow for expansion. I usually buy the plastic bags full of milk, they are easier to store.
    Dh goes through milk like you wouldn't believe,over a carton ( 2L) a day. What I started doing with him is buying whole milk and mixing it with almost equal amounts of water and get almost double the amount. I'm not worried too much about the calcium/vit. in the milk because he gets planty from other food sources.
  • I used to freeze milk all the time when my kids were smaller. I never took any out before. when I had about a 1/4 gallon of milk left I would take mine out of the freezer and let it start to thaw. Thawing takes a while. It has been so long I really am not sure how long it takes to thaw.
  • I have frozen milk for years. I buy it in half gallon plastic jugs and put it straight in the freezer. I have never removed any before freezing. It can't be kept long in the freezer though, four weeks is the longest recommended storage life for milk in the freezer. It does take a long time to thaw.
  • Dianne-scooping out defrost water
    Hi Dianne,
    A handy hint for us short people trying to reach the bottom of the freezer, use a siphon. All you need is a lenght of garden hose, fill it with water being careful to keep your thumbs over both ends, insert one end into the water and release making sure it stays underwater. Put the other end where you want it to drain to making sure it is lower than the first end and release. This is easier to do with a partner but not impossible by yourself. You can hang the hose out a window, into the sump or into buckets lined up. If the suction is broken on the first end (any air gets in) you will have to start over from step one. Hope this helps.
  • Hi There.....As I recall it takes 2 days to defrost frozen milk in the refrigerator..... Haven't done it in a long kids are grown and out of the house....However I have found milk ...real old fashioned Jersey cow whole milk in GLASS bottles in the supermarket here in husband and I are thoroughly enjoying real whole creamy milk again. *g*
  • Freezing Milk
    We freeze milk in gallon jugs. So far we have not had any problems in overflowing of the jugs, we don't top them off. It takes overnight if you set it in the sink,and in the frig it takes a couple of days. Have not had any problems with taste, we usually use the milk in a week or two, then replace it with more.