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housefullofturkeys 06-29-2006 10:47 AM

can I freeze garlic and bananas that won't ripen
Can I freeze garlic? I have had these bananas for 1 entire week and they still won't ripen -- any ideas?

barbszy 06-29-2006 11:09 AM

I can honestly say that I've never had bananas NOT ripen.

Are you sure you didn't buy plantains (platanos)? Those are supposed to be green.

You can freeze bananas; I do it all the time. I just peel and put in a freezer bag for use in future banana breads.

housefullofturkeys 06-29-2006 11:48 AM

Hmmmm, they are rather large bananas -- if they are plantain, what should I do with them? Can I make banana muffins? Put them in the freezer, too, and make them brown? Yes, I freeze bananas for banana bread too -- makes them really juicy and brown. I wanted to know if I could freeze garlic -- mine is about to go bad and I still have three bunches!

barbszy 06-29-2006 01:54 PM

I have no clue on the garlic. I guess you could peel the cloves & freeze them, well wrapped.

As far as the plantains (which they likely are) just do a google search on plantain recipes. They cannot be eaten raw. But FRIED PLANTAINS are delicious!

DeBora4BobbyL 06-29-2006 05:03 PM

I just happened upon this thread. I am guessing that since garlic is in the same family as the onion, it can be frozen. I freeze chopped onions all the time.

I agree with Barb. Those sound like plantaines. They aren't eaten raw as bananas are in many cases. They them in a search engine and you might find a wealth of recipes using them. I personally think the best way is fried, but that's just a personal preference.

Let us know how you came out with these.

goldeagle1 07-10-2006 10:29 AM

You can definitely freeze garlic. We do it all the time, just peel the cloves and put the garlic in an airtight container. It is much better to store it this way than having it stink up your refrigerator!

As far as the bananas go, I've noticed that when I purchase them at Sam's Club, they take forever to ripen. I've always wondered if they are sprayed with something to prevent premature ripening. I never have this problem with bananas purchased in a regular grocery store. However, my grandfather (who was a grocer in New York for many years), taught me to put bananas in a brown paper bag to ripen quickly. The natural gases in the fruit accelarate the ripening process when the bag is closed.

Good luck!

tree3branches 07-11-2006 03:51 AM

:chin: The problem here you got hold of banana's that have not been gassed. All banana's are harvest green for shipping. Then when they get to thier main location are gassed. To fix the problem put the banana's in a bag with leamons, oranges, or apples, or anyother fruit. The nature gases from these fruits will help wipe the banana's. Also put them in a warm not hot place..

We run a small bulk store and once in a while we get a box banana's that want ripe. I just throw in some of the fruits I mention Put the lid back on. In a day or two you see the color start changing.

This be Tree:)

janet 07-11-2006 08:40 AM

Take your bananas back to the store! Tell them they don't ripen and they should allow you to pick another bunch...ask for the manager if they try to pitch a fit.

I have also taken back lettuce that once that when I opened it , it was all rusty inside..

I used to just throw things away..but not anymore.

Food prices are out of sight where I live.

Hugs, Janet:soapbox:

dval 07-11-2006 10:23 AM

I've had bananas that did not ripen. I bought them green from the store figuring they would turn yellow like always. We tried putting them in the sun, in a dark cupboard, and in the fridge. In the end, the skin was brown and the banana never ripened. We ended up throwing them away.
I know they were bananas and not plantains because I bought them at BJ's Wholesale and they don't sell plantains (which I doubt they would sell for 3lbs/$.99 if they did).

barbszy 07-13-2006 12:27 PM

Tree, that's an interesting tip about putting in a lemon or orange with the bananas if they're not ripe. Thanks :)

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