Freezing Baklava

  • I have some leftover baklava and was wondering if anyone has ever had any leftover to freeze and is it possible to freeze and not loose the integrity of the product.
  • I found several blurbs where people have said that they have had luck freezing Baklava but nothing that says how to do it.

    Here is one site that mentions that you can freeze it:

    Now Im craving Baklava like crazy!!
  • I found it at Winco here in Portland. My craving has gone away now, so I need to freeze it for the next one. Thanks for the link.
  • Laurie

    Any time I have had baklava, there is none left to freeze!
    I could eat that until the cows come home. I never have known anyone who had so much of it at one time that there was any left to try to freeze. It's like eating potato chips, only more so. If you eat ONE you can't stop.

    Hope you find out how to do it without spoiling its great taste.
  • My parents next door neighbor is this sweet little Greek lady, and evry year around this time she makes pans and pans of Baklava for the Greek Church Fair, and she always gives a whole pan to my mom, and than I end up with some, and I alwys freeze it, this is a whole cookie sheet full that i get lol, and dh says its too sweet, so I give half to dd and the kids too. I freeze it in the zipper bags (the ones with the actual zipper on them not the bags you have to pinch together, I hate those. I have never had a problem, but Id use it up with in a few months, if you do freeze it.Another thing she also makes is the Spinach Pie I LOOOVE that too!!!
  • Thanks for all the help on freezing the baklava.

    Sandie, a whole pan of baklava Wow! I'm coming to yr house.

    The restaurants here call the spinach pie Spanakopita. (sp)