Freezing cream of broccoli soup

  • Good Morning

    I hope you all can help me

    I am over run by broccoli. Ends, pieces, florets, etc. I only eat the florets, so I have saved all the other pieces for soup. My problem is I have sooooo much now it's taking over my fridge and freezer.

    Since my dh and dd love cream of broccoli soup soo much, I would like to make it for them. It would be a pretty big potful, probably institutional size:p

    So I was wondering if I could freeze the left overs in four cups size servings. This would be great to warm up while we are in our moving mode next month.

    I usually freeze my soups in zip lock freezer bags or plastic jars from peanut butter and the like.

  • hi there

    I'm not sure how you make your cream of broccoli soup, I've made it with heavy cream, and I've also made it with milk whisked with a bit of flour in place of heavy cream.

    Anyhow, my friend told me once, if you want to freeze something that you are going to thicken with flour, you should use arrowroot flour instead of any other type of flour. Arrowroot flour will not separate after being frozen/thawed. I haven't tried this, but my friend is a personal chef that makes 'meals for the week' for his clients and freezes them all, so he would know.

    You could also use the frozen broccoli ends, to make some richly broccoli flavored stock, and then after you thaw it, you can add whatever milk, and florettes at that point, that would prevent the florettes from losing their texture, clear out some freezer real estate, and also eliminate the separating possibility.

    Good luck.

    - todd