decorating your fish tank

  • I was in a pet store the other day and was amazed at all the different "themes" there are now for fish tanks! The decorations you can buy now are so much more fancier than the usual divers and such there were when we had tanks when the boys were small. I even saw one decorated with plastic kids toys, legos and they had a city built in the tank, really liked it!
    Do you have fish tank that you have decorated or do you just have a fish bowl and keep it simple!
  • We were just looking at fish tanks tonight. I saw a really cute beach theme- wooden lounge chairs, beach balls, a shark over a piece of coral..... so cute!! There were castles, windmills, oysters with buried treasure, turtles, lots of different skulls, lots of driftwood...and more!

    We've told our kids that when we move, that we will set up a fish tank for them so now we are going to start looking for supplies - not moving yet but I would like to get things ahead of time to have it when we do move.