What Are You Wearing Today ~ 2

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  • Black jogging suit/slippers.....have a great Saturday!
  • Didnt feel like getting so its still P.Js blue flannel with teddies on them pink fuzzie house coat and fuzzie slippers
  • I am still wearing the red tank top and gray pj pants I slept in... it's laundry day today!
  • yellow nightshirt with pink and red hearts
  • Donald Duck sweat shirt/jeans/slippers....Have a good Sunday...
  • White WV sweat shirt with blue and gold lettering, blue jeans, white socks and tennis shoes.
  • blue shorts with a blue and white shirt with pink flowers
  • today I have on black striped pants and a black sweater and black shoes
  • black cotton ribbed turtleneck, jeans, socks, and my black Birkenstock clogs
  • Its nice and warm here today so its white short sleaved shirt, and light weight silk jogging paints white socks and still have on my slippers