What Are You Wearing Today ~ 2

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  • long sleeved pink t-shirt, jeans, socks and my blue Merrill hiking shoes
  • Well now its my white baby dolls light pink house coat and slippers
  • yellow nightshirt.........
  • Pink and white lounging outfit and fuzzy white slippers.........Raining again today.......Guess the ducks love this weather! If we have another day of rain I'll turn into a duck for sure!! lol--Quack-Quack
  • Me to Caroline

    Blue jeans White shirt and slippers
  • Raining and cool here too.

    Wearing a lt. pink ribbed turtleneck, jeans, socks and my brown Merrill hiking shoes
  • blue capris and a blue shirt
  • red plaid flannel shirt, jeans, socks and my slippers
  • blue shorts and a white shirt
  • black and beige dress and black high heeled sandals