How do you spend fun time together as a family?

  • Do you find it important to spend time together with your family? What do you do together? How do you keep it fun?
  • We have movie night. Love them. We don't go to the theater due to dd's food allergies. We use netflix and have a great time.

    We also cook together. Again very little eating out due to the food allergies so we make our special meals.
  • Family TIme
    I do the same thing, we have family movie night (all snuggle up on the couch and watch a family friendly movie). Sometimes we have game night. My son and I also cook together, and my sons plays sports with Special Olympics, I am Coordinator and my husband coaches most of the sports so we also share family time at those events (and they are lots of fun). It is competitive but not as competitive as other sports and a fun atmosphere.
  • I guess if I was working (let alone opposite hours from DH) I would "find it important to spend time together" as it is that I am not, I do find it enjoyable when we can go out and do stuff together... take a walk at a park and/or zoo, visit the ocean and/or mountains, see a movie (just saw 'Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close' w/Sandra Bullock on Sunday, January 29th, 2012), or in most cases, recently, join a Bowling League that bowls once a week night and doesn't last more than a few hours to bowl - and it must be something fun (offer a: pizza party, ball, and/or scholarship certificate as a prize) that most if not all ages can join in on.
  • I think it is very important to spend family time together. We always do something on Fridays. Sometimes we watch movies and eat pizza, other times we play board games, bake cookies, the list is endless. We make it at least once weekly because the children are so busy with scouts,basketball, and so on.

  • Due to the kids' activities, we don't get many opportunities to sit down together with all four of us. When we do have a chance, one of our favorite board games is Rack-O. It's an easy card game where the object is to arrange a list of numbered cards, in order. We still have the set my brother and I played with as children; a few years ago, I also picked up a set at a yard sale. Great game for adults and children to play together. Don't know if it's still being made, but it could probably be found at yard sales, on eBay, etc.
  • We love having time together, we generally do board games, crafty things and cooking and baking.
    One thing that my younger 2 are enjoying doing with me is designing and creating our own board game. That is so much fun
  • My most favorite timeis something I have not been able to do in ten years. I love going barefoot in my garden and feeling Mother Earth beneath my feet. Not worrying about poisenous spiders or snakes. It's just so relaxing. I miss Tn but I'm also glad too be home again where nothing will hurt you and we do not have red ants either.I just enjoyed planting 13 tomato plants with mother nature between my toes with her good soft soil. MMMMMMMMMMMMM