Before & After Pictures of our Home Improvement Project

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  • Very Cool!
  • Very pretty, Anna!

    Tami, how about a nice steel gray house, with black trim and a gold front door? It would look really nice on a bungalow or Victorian!

    Hmmm, do you think my DH would let me redo our house in blue & gold? Probably not
  • Your home looks fantastic!!!
  • Wow, your house looks terrific, Anna! So cheerful--I love it!
  • Barbzy

    Blue & Gold?? that's pretty close to that team up norths colors blue and maize just kidding... I have alot of Michigan friends including Autumnmum . Thanks everyone for the compliments I'm glad it turned out so good, it's a little radical but then so are dh and I .

  • Anna your house looks great! Make you feel good inside to have a dream come true.
  • Sweetnell

    Yes, we debated and debated over the years what color we would paint it and the only colors we could really agree on was the Scarlet & Gray. Now next dream is the Ohio State couch and matching loveseat $1000.00 but a new bed is in order first. so far they don't have any OSU beds, blankets etc. but no head board.

  • Anna, I bet you could borrow a "Trading Spaces" idea and make a headboard, then cover it with the right color fabric. Maybe scarlet headboard and comforter, with gray pillow shams?
  • Barb

    Yep, definitely will have to adapt. We're going to be looking for a wooden head board this time I think so may be able to stencil or just paint scarlet and gray... I'm not sure I want my bedroom to be too collegiate looking, LOL!

  • It is such a good feeling to be able to do updates or remodel our homes
    Sometimes the smallest things can make a big differnce.
    And we should all please ourselves in color choices, style, taste whatever it may be.