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daughter-of-Breezy 12-17-2005 06:51 PM

Got INK?
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Hello everyone. I mentioned in the December friendship flower about a tattoo shopping trip and found out many of you have tattoos. So, I decided, with the help of others, to post a new thread so everyone can have the option to show off their beautiful art work. Hope everyone finds this fun! I'll start. Below is a tatto I got right after Breezy past away. She LOVED gingerbread men!

janet 12-17-2005 07:19 PM

Daughter of breezy,

Where is the easiest place to get a tat?

I do like some tats...but not the full sleeve look..or paisley legs..

Do you think it gets to be addicting?

Hugs, Janet

suzybeth 12-17-2005 09:24 PM

It is addicting, I got my first one about 15 years ago, I got another one about 8 years ago, and I am wanting another one now. Mine are small no more than 2.5 inches each, but I like them. I will post pics tomorrow, when hubby is awake and can take them LOL.

daughter-of-Breezy 12-17-2005 10:17 PM

It can become addicting! But, I have several friends who just have one and they are fine with that. Most people are afraid it will hurt and once they get that first one, they realize it isn't all that they get more.

The best advice I can give on where to get one is look around. Depending on where you live, most towns have at least one shop. Any tattoo artist with merit will have a portfolio of past work done. Pick a shop and stop by and ask to see the artist work. Many of them will talk openly with you if they are there. Some artist specialize in certain work, like tribal tattoos, or "dark arts" and full color work. Also, in the shop, they have thousands of designs for you to choose from. If you have a picture of something you like, take it with you. My tattoo artist will draw it the way I want. Ask the artist how long they have been doing it for also. You might want to stay away from someone who has less than two years experience. Pick a shop that looks clean and you can request to see the tattooing area for that artist. If it doesn't look clean, don't trust it.

Any more questions, let me know. I am sure I will think of other things to mention but not at this hour!!

Amanda 12-18-2005 06:57 AM

I have 5. 3 of them are small and hidden, on my hip area, and they are the "homemade" kind. Done with India ink and a needle. I've had those since I was a teenager.

I also have a big parrot on my left breast and a flying heart on my arm. ;-)

fish3711 12-18-2005 07:54 AM

I am subscribing to this thread. I will post some pics of my tattoo's tomorrow after I find the cd I have them on or take some new ones.

blakej 12-18-2005 09:30 AM

No I do not have or like tattoes.
Merry Christmas to all.:twinkle:

DeBora4BobbyL 12-18-2005 09:35 AM

I have 4 tattoos. I have one on my right ankle of a red rose wrapped in a cloud with a butterfly, one on my back left shoulder of a long-stemmed red rose with my name on it, one on my left should of a full bloom red rose, and one on my left leg of Bobby Labonte's autograph.

Teresa1744 12-18-2005 09:51 AM

WOW Believe It or Not
YES believe it or not I have not one but 2 tattos and I will try to get pictures later for u all. I have a rose with a bleeding heart that my ex SIL drew for my Mother some 25 yrs ago. I have had this tatto 22 yrs now... I have a butterfly with a violet also that I have had 20 yrs. Not many ppl even know that I have them and some are really shocked to find out that I do and now being a pastors wife it throws ppl for a loop. I am glad that I never had anything disrespectful or ugly or anything to be ashamed of.

Coll 12-18-2005 09:58 AM

Do You Have A Tattoo?
No, I don't. but would love one. I have it all picked out but not brave enough to go get it done. LOL.


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