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  • Okay 3rd try at this I had to make it smaller, I guess thats what the problem was! Anyhow this is with "great hesitance" Im posting this of me Sandie--Married- 1 DD,2Gds', and 1 GS!!

    This was taken down at Cape Cod at a friends house the night of our (dress like the 70's) high school grad party, hence the LIME GREEN,dress, which by the way does nothing to "slim" I dont know why I even wore it, but it looks cute on the hanger!! LOL!
    To Sharona, who says she pictures me with "teddy bear ears" sorry to disappoint
    Hugs Sandie


  • photo
    this is me


  • Donna Marie (craftyLdy)
  • BETTY-AKA Hummingbird_0331
    This was the MAGENTA HAIR DAYS!


  • Lighter ..


  • Fading


  • X-mas
    *My recent is by my name*


  • Glenda And My Lovely Son Alex
    This Is Me And My Son


  • My name is Roxie, I am 34 yrs. old, been married for 13 yrs, have 3 daughters ( Rayne, 9yrs old is pictured here with me ), and I have 1 Stepdaughter, 2 Labs and 1 cat.


  • Married 25+ years to a wonderful man (He's on my left). Between us we have 7 children; 20+ grandchildren & 11 Great grandchildren. The other man in this picture is my youngest brother. This was taken in July at our renewal of our marriage vows for our 25th anniversary.