Photos of halloween costumes

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  • Very nice job Deb...I use to make for my kids but they weren't as nice of a job as yours but the kids always liked them.
    I was trying to save 5 or 6 bucks per child now the store costumes are really skimpy and cheap looking and cost so much. Making them is nice. Do you save them from year to year and trade with other friends . That's what I did.After the kids grew up I got rid of a lot of the little kids ones but I should have kept them for the grandkids what a hoot that would of been. I do have a BIG box or two of hats noses, nails, teeth,ears, body parts and costumes and wigs. all the plastic stuff gets washed in bleach at the end of season and I was what can be ...spray a few is a neat thing to do. I remember I made a "I dream of jeanie" costume for my dd out of a sheer curtain and a velvet vest I got from the good will. I made puffy sleeves and sewed them onto the vest and then made a gathered pair of pants out of some ...put elastic in top of the pants and bottom of each leg...and mad a veil with elastic to hook over ears. she wore a pink pair of tights under the pants and a tee shirt under the vest..think it was first grade....loved that costume...maybe I see if I can find a pic.
    Sorry i "talked" so much...but those costumes triggered a lot of memories.....THANKS so much dearheart.
  • Candy, i'm sure your costumes were beautiful!! The I dream of Jeannie one sounds so cute!! I keep all my costumes I don't have the heart to let go of them. I have my costumes from when I was a kid too and the kids have worn them . we have lent them out but they all have used them for plays and other school or church functions. By the way you did not talk to much!!!

    Well here is my youngest paige as "Sylvester"



  • This is just a close up of Sylvesters face!!



  • deb
    Sylvesters eyes are can tell your kids like their costumes. AND if i had made such nice costumes I would not have parted with them either. Those are a priceless gift to pass down someday after years of enjoyment.... and in a hundred years or so what a link to the past for some lucky family members.
    My mind is always need to make a scrapebook to acompany the costumes.
  • Dang, Debbie, you're good! LOL

    I love making costumes, too, but our girls' mom is kind of iffy about Halloween being "heathen," so it's only been the last couple of years that she's let them do anything Halloweenish. They usually find out they're getting to go trick-or-treating at the last minute & just throw something together. Sigh...

    So, no pics of 'em! But our neighbor brought her 3-month-old son Tanner over last night to get pics of him in his first Halloween costume. He was sooooooo cute! We could not get him to smile, though, so he made a very somber and/or grumpy little cow.


  • Jacob


  • Very cute Renee. Jacob looks so happy!!! Is he excited about the big halloween weekend?? All kids should have such a big grin on their faces!!!!

  • lol
    He has been ready since last year, now when tomorrow is over he will be ready for his B-day December 6th and he had been ready for christmas since DEC 26th 2004 rofl
  • Yep this me me
    here is me and Jacob lol i have no clue what he was doing rofl


  • okay now don't everyone laugh to hard, i know this is a thread for kids costumes but my son took one of me today as a rag doll.

    Renee....nice pic of you and Jacob....looks like you ahve a great relationship!!!