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  • here's dh and I


  • Lita, WOW

    You are a very pretty lady!!!! Cute hubby too. Thanks so much for sharing your wedding day with us here!!!

  • believe me deb i look different now...but it sure feels good to be complimented and then to see a photo of yourself and reminisce, I guess. I saw yours and you are as sweet-looking as I imagined you to be...also the black and white photo is so classy, I forgot who that was of...but I like black and white photos...all the brides are beautiful!
    bless you, LovedMom
  • Oh my gosh, LovedMom you are gorgeous! What a beautiful bride you were! I have no pictures of my second wedding and I gave my wedding album from the first one to my oldest son! So, I won't be posting any of either of my weddings!

    Love ya,
  • Wow, Lita, what a beautiful couple you and your husband are/were.

    I love looking at photos. Especially real old wedding ones. The expressions on some of the brides faces. You'd think they were scared into a wedding or something.

  • LovedMom..... Thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding photo. Bet you still are as beautiful. How long are you married now?
  • Lita - very nice picture! You are like I pictured a pretty Hawaiian girl.
  • I'm Palauan through mom and American through dad!
    I have been married 8 years now...still a babe considering most of the women in here have been longer...and they inspire me to continue in my comittments...

    you know the next SURVIVOR show this Feb 18th will show my mother's island...that is where I grew up...I can't wait to see how it has changed...and my father, he is American...and has some American Indian and European blood...I'm sure you all have some mixed too...

    thanks for the compliments though

    hugs, LovedMom(for now I can pass for Hawaiian Gal because I live Hawaii...)
  • Lovedmom,
    I like how you say you are a Hawaiian gal because you live there.
    So many peoiple thing that my oldest dd is Hawaiian. She has dark hair, eyes and skin. Plus she took 4 years of Authentic Hawaiian dance lessons when she was in her teens. Its fun to see the expression on peoples faces when they find out she isn't Hawaiian. And that I am her mother. I am short, extremely fair skinned, blue eyes and red-hair. They make me laugh.

  • These photos are wonderful.

    All these beautiful brides and handsome grooms.

    Lita, you look just like I thought you would. My dad travelled to many of the islands. And he said 'the island people all had such good hearts and gentle spirits." And, of course he always added, within my mother's earshot, " and all the women are exceptionally beautiful."

    Looking at you, guess he wasn't wrong.

    Coll, my DIL is a redhead. And so was my second husband (the one who was my solemate) so I'm kinda partial to them myself. You were Such a pretty bride, and I bet you do look like that today.

    Sueanne, those lovely pics took me back. I love the clothing styles from the 50's and early 60's. And such nice looking people.
    You and the gown, stunning.

    Nancy,(Bensmom) thank you for the nice words. You are always so sweet, bless your heart. Still thiking pink for you. I'll bet the new arrival will be as beautiful as her mommy.