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  • Sorry don't know how to attach picture.........any HELP!!
    Sorry I do not know how to attach a picture, can anyone let me know how?


  • Rockingmom-

    Wish I could help... I've had trouble attaching myself. Did you go to the browser and put in the attach box?

    Anyone else out there who can help?

    Btw, welcome to our thread.

  • rockingmom - when you are in the reply box, scroll down and you will see a box with a button that says "browse". Click browse, find the picture you want, then it will attach to your message.

    Here's a picture of Angel from this morning, we walk on the bike trail every morning and meet up with all her doggy friends so she can run around and have fun


  • This is one of Angel's friends, his name is Pippin He is such a sweetheart, and obviously quite a ham! LOL


  • This is Tippy, another one of Angel's friends Tippy's owner was very excited about this shot. Apparently he is very camera shy. He proved that to me as it took quite a few tries to actually get this picture. She told me this is the FIRST picture she's ever seen that he actually has his ears up, so I will definitely order her a copy


  • Just a couple more!

    Here's a picture of Angel, T-Bone and Sugar. Sugar is actually T-Bone's neighbor, but her owner works full time, so T-Bone's owner takes her on their walks twice a day. isn't that nice?


  • This one I just had to post because it came out so nice! Unfortunately Sugar was looking away so I cropped her out, but Angel and T-Bone look so posed!


  • Quote:
    Originally posted by CHADSMOM
    This is our newest addition, RIP. He is a American Walker Hound ( foxhunting dog). He is a little bit shy but is getting better everyday. ( the number on him is from a hunt that he was in recently...)
    CHADSMOM he is beautiful!!
  • Amanda!

    Great pictures!
    Angel is beautiful.... she's a big girl now...

    I posting the next breed of dog I am thinking of getting....
    It's a Norwich Terrier...these in the picture are adults.....



  • And.. I miss doing this!