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  • any comments welcome


  • here's another
    another jar that I just finished, I think that I'm already addicted


  • here's the last jar
    I am selling these at the local consignment store. I think I may try a laundry loot one next. I love to see everyone's work, you are all very talented.



  • Very cute!! And you are so right, they can be sooooo addictive!
  • Hey there! Jar Craftss!!!
    Hey Dawn, I just found this thread and your jars are cute!!! I love the everybirdie welcome and the lily. And I thought you just painted on wood. I love jar crafts too and terra cotta pots.
  • sharing some of mine too..
    If its ok.. I would like to share one of mine, but.. I need help with this one.. its a Halloween lamp, and I need to figure out how to decorate a lamp shade to "go" with her. I was thinking of painting one up to look like a straw hat? what would you ladies do? She is supposed to be a goblin.. but could be a witch.. only I dont want to put a black shade on her .


  • another one ....Piggy
    Last year , I painted up a bunch of jars to look like puppies.. they had felt ears and I filled them up with "puppy chow" snacks.. I originally made them to donate to an auction at club I belong to, and they were a huge hit! I had orders right up to christmas time for them and they sold for 15.00 a piece ! One lady asked me to make her a pig, a cow,a scotty dog.. this is the rough draft of the pig i made her.. I modified it of course to look better, but I dont have any one hand to show you girls.. i only have the rough draft.. I was thinking about making more this year of the puppies.. If i do, I will make sure i post a picture of one.


  • anyone try any of these yet ?
    I am trying to perfect these ... I painted up some Mrs butterworth's syrup bottles but I need to work on the faces a bit more.. my digital camera doesnt work so well, so the faces actually look worse in the pictures than they do in person


  • first off, welcome to the family! Paintingnut your jars are sooooo cute. Well done!!!

    What about a dark blue/purple shade with a halloween scene of a moon, picket fence, tree, cats, pumpkins, ghosts, etc.... painted around the bottome of the shade?

    I love the puppy chow treat jar idea!!! You know, people just love their pets, I know my mom treats her little Duke (mini poodle!) like he's my brother! LOL I love the pig jar - what a cute face!

    I do a potted gumball pot with a cow's face but I haven't tried any other animals yet. I'm not very good with animals yet. Flowers are my forte!
  • First of all, thank you for welcoming me to the group! and thank you also for the idea! That sounds like it would go great with her ! thank you thank you ! You ladies all have such great ideas and everyone is so talented, I am so lucky to have found this group!

    Oh.. and could i possibly see one of your cows? That sounds like such a cute idea...
    also... the puppy chow treats are for humans..