Walk away the Pounds

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  • Does anyone use this system - do you like it. What about the one specifically for abs??? I"m anxious for any and all input. Thanks
  • May I ask if this is a tape, video or just plain walking?

    If it is a plan, who is it by?

  • It's a video series by Leslie Sansone
  • Walking away my pounds?
    I'm glad to see someone posting a ? about fitness tapes & stuff. I think we could all use a little real user input on things. I just bought the 3 tape set at Costco last week and to be honest I have only used the 1st two tapes once each. My set came with the water fillable exercize balls-DON'T DO IT especially if you have little ones in the house. Mine leaked on their own and were worse when "helped along" by my 6 yo. So far so good but I doubt I will see the miraculous results they promise. My husband says I sound like a herd of elephants marching along while exercizing. (grr) The kids think it's funny and I don't know that it's strenuous enough to really be very beneficial but I'm stuck with them now so I'll keep using them. Let me know if you have any better results or opinions. Keep "marching"!!
  • For some reason I LOVE these tapes, maybe because I'm lazy and this seems like an "easy" way to exercise
    Seriously though, I'm actually sticking with this program, it makes me sweat, gets my heart rate up, but yet I don't feel totally exhausted or out of breath when I'm done, just energized. Plus have not exercised a lot in the past, it's a little less strenous for this pregnant body. I'm determined to exercise through this pregnancy...............I still have 7 more months to go, let's hope I can stick with it
    I've only done the first two tapes, haven't had the courage for the 3 mile one yet, don't use the weights although am working up to using handbells.
    Anyone else have any thoughts
  • workout tapes
    I love them!! I own the three tapes with the excersice belt!!! They are great i can do them in 15,30 or 45mins and shes great keeping you moving. Im sleeping better,feel better and i think i have lost a couple of pounds. It will be great for the winter!! I love them.My husband bought them for me and thinks its a great workout. hugs Kim
  • watp tapes
    I too have the tapes with the exercise balls and I love them. I have had them for about 6 months now. At first I would go over to my mom's and do the 1 mile with her. But as of the last 2 months I have been doing the 3 mile tape 2X a week plus I do a step aerobic 2X a week. I feel great, it was hard at first to wake up early and do them, but now I wake up refreshed today is even my day off from the tape and I've gotten up early so here I am on the internet. I have been on WW and since August I have gained 3 lbs. But like they say there muscle weighs more than fat, and my clothes are getting big. I don't measure but I know I've lost inches. I have also seen the new tapes for the abs and am thinking about buying them. Can't wait to see if anyone else likes them. Does the belt hurt your waist or arms??
  • Belt
    The belt doesnt hurt your arms or waist. I really wondered what that little belt could do?? But you feel it when you use it in her workout!! My arms were sore a littlefrom the work out the first time but have firmed up!!! I love it!!!
  • Anyone using the "Walk Away the Pounds" DVDS/Videos?
    I would like to add these to my list for Christmas. Im looking for some opinions on whether they easy to use, keep your attention and worth the money. I didnt realize until today how many of them she has out there. Which would be the best to start out with?

    All opinions on this is really appreciated!!

  • I'm a little behind the times on this, but I just got my WATP videos today.

    I got the set of Get Up and Get Started (the one mile), High Calorie Burn (the 2 mile), Super Fat Burning (the 3 mile), 10 Minute Tone Up, The Power Mile, The 30-Minute Walk, the water weight balls, and the menu cards.

    I've only "previewed" the Get Up and Get Started video. They were delivered (by UPS) while I was cooking supper, and I'm not about to try to do it after eating a big meal. The kids (4, 5, and 7)previewed it with me and want to do it too!

    I'm glad to hear so many positive comments about them.

    Are any of you still using them? If you are, how's the weight loss coming?