Anyone else lifting weights?

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  • sounds good Donna!
  • Quote: I am feeling better and more motivated to exercise then I ever have before.
    I still don't know what the difference is this time because my motivation is still lousy!
    I have started numerous times and never stuck to it.
    You are doing much better than me. I lost my motivation ages ago! I have been hounding myself to get back at it though. I was reading this article on weight training and how it actually revs up your metabolism, it's motivating me enough to give it a try.

    Do you own your own treadmill Donna? I always worry that I will buy one and it will become a coat rack. LOL This article has some good tips on buying home exercise equipment, so I'm going to take it slow so I don't waste my money. :-P
  • Hi Amanda,
    I think my new found motivation came from a couple really bad doctor appointments. My weight, blood pressure and cholesterol all shot up in the past year while my metabolism went to pot at the same time! Combine that with ongoing depression, menopause and hives and I was becoming a mess!!!!!

    The doctor said I had better start taking care of my health now or I was headed for trouble!

    So, it's been three weeks and so far, so good.

    No, I don't own a treadmill. We joined a neighborhood gym that is just a block away from us, and joined it solely for that.........location!
    It's small but we knew if all we had to do was walk down the street we might be more apt to go!

    Good luck to you and "refinding" your misplaced motivation! Mine was lost a looooong time!!!!!!

    hugs, train