Anyone else lifting weights?

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  • Yes, Train, it really does work!! I don't know about the metabolism part of it, but you will see and feel a difference really quick when you lift weights. Don't get discouraged, though. You have to do the aerobic stuff, too, to burn off the fat so you can see your nice firm muscles. And there was a point that I was gaining muscle faster than I was losing fat, so I was actually gaining weight, but I was getting smaller. I had joined Curves and loved it--I just couldn't afford it anymore and had to stop. You should definitely make the extra effort to get your tush in there lol!! Trust me, it'll get easier to keep going the more you do it. Working out is like a drug--pretty soon you won't feel right if you go without it. Plus, once you see the results, it'll be easier to make sure you do it. You can take that one to the bank: I'm currently at 107 pounds lost, and between feeling a thousand times better physically, and the constant compliments as opposed to the rude stares, I'm also a happier person overall. If I get frustrated or upset, a nice brisk walk in the fresh air does a world of good. And hitting the weight bench is a good way to work out some aggression, too!!

    So I'm with the dr. on this one--GO FOR IT!!!
  • I needed that kick in the tush!! Thanks, Mrs. M!! I am going to Curves tomorrow!!

    And congrats to you on your weight loss!! That is Awesome!!!!!!!

  • trainlady.....If you cannot get to the gym there are ways of exercising while you watch tv. Also I have this rope that you attach under your feet or on a door to strengthen your arms and legs. Every little bit helps.


  • trainlady..... This is the Suzanne Sommers exercise gadget. For your arms and legs. Can even use hand weights or fill a gallon jug with water and lift.


  • For the record, a gallon of water weighs about 8 pounds. It doesn't seem like it, but after lifting it a few times you will definitely feel it lol!! I also prop one up on my ankles and do leg lifts, while sitting on the edge of the couch watching tv. Another thing I do is march in place during the soaps. I do crunches, leg lifts, back kicks, etc during the commercials. I find that if I excercise while concentrating on the show, it goes faster and easier and I don't feel as if I'm doing it because I have to.

    Sueanne--I've looked at those rope things. My sone loves to watch old episodes of the Jack LaLane show and he had a rope similar to that. I guess the Suzanne Sommers one is the updated version!
  • I love lifting weights. It's the feeling of the muscle ache, but also that I can see the muscle developing...I love that.

    I started lifting weights because I "had to" according to my swimming coach. I hated it, but I decided a weight lifting class was better than a PE class. I actually started to like it!!!

    I also love to swim (obviously) and I like the treadmill, but I walk, not run on it, never been a runner. I don't really like to walk much except for the treadmill. I do like to bike, though, but I don't really like the standing bike, I'd rather feel the wind on my face.
  • Liz, I like to walk the treadmill, too. Most of my walking is outdoors since I don't own a treadmill, though lol! I like the "mindlessness" of the treadmill--you can read, or just let your mind wander without having to dodge the obstacles of the neighborhood!

    Hey, Train, how's it going??
  • Hi Mrs. Maniac,
    Well, I guess I am just rather pathetic at exercise of any sort!!!!!!!

    I DID get a job though! I will be working at a brand new Denny's which is due to open in another 10 days or so. I will be waiting tables (which I like) and so I suppose THAT will be my exercise!!!!!!
    We were doing OK on one paycheck for awhile but we really need 2 to get out of debt............ I was blessed to be able to be home for the past year so can't complain.

  • Glad to hear about the job, Trainlady!! I used to work at a Denny's--the tips were good. I have a potential lead on a possible job opening. Only part-time, but better than nothing, and I'll get a workout, too, lol!! It's at a pet store, and stocking the dog food alone will be good for me lol!!
  • Hmmm, last time I posted here I was working at Denny's! That was a LONG time ago!!!!

    Well, I have been walking/running on the treadmill since May 31 and have just added weights in the last few days.
    I am feeling better and more motivated to exercise then I ever have before.
    I still don't know what the difference is this time because my motivation is still lousy!
    I have started numerous times and never stuck to it.
    So, I have exercised going on three weeks now.
    I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but for me it is!
    It's a record!

    I am working to lose weight, lower my cholesterol and get my blood pressure to normal. I have lost a 5 pounds, but, more importantly, I am feeling good!

    I'll keep adding more and more weights. I don't have strong arms so it's slow.

    I have a punching bag now, too and that is Really Fun!! (Well, it will be when Mark puts it back up for me, I kicked it so hard I knocked it to the ground! ) LOL!!

    Diet wise I am eating tons of fruits and vegies and I am not to go over 35 fat grams a day though most days I stay around 25.
    I am choosing good fats, staying away from butter, mayo, baked goods and fast food.
    In the past two weeks I've had mostly chicken, fish or vegetarian for dinner, limiting my red meat to once a week.

    So Far, So Good!

    hugs, train