Nordic Track

  • Well, does anyone have a NordicTrack? I received one and it seems to be fun! So am I doing something wrong? I hear exercise is the answer for all troubles, what do you all think?

  • Which one
    Hello, I own an elliptical trainer, Im not sure if this is what you have. If so, yes it is fun. It is less jarring and better for your joints as well as your bones. To each it's own but I love this piece of machinery. I am so glad I made this investment. Good luck, some people dont like it but if you are having fun enjoy. It is hard to find an exercise that one does enjoy.
  • Hello Brittani29!

    My machine is similar to cross-country skiing. No snow of course!lol . There are woodtype ski-slats you place your feet in and there are pulleys for your arms. So you glide one leg, pull the hand pulley..and keep on kinda makes you feel like you will go off the must just be a balance is getting better for me. There are handle grips to ski with too...It seems like nothing but after 3 mins you start to get it is working! lol There isn't any stress to joints, unless you fall off the skis! lol

  • Threadmills
    I have been looking into treadmills for winter walking, what so I be looking at, speed, tread size, etc? And if you have a treadmill, do you use it?

  • I don't have a Nordic Track but my Finnish
    girlfriend had one in the past and loved it.

  • My friend Linda is a nordic walker and had done the course and had the insurance to take people out, yes to teach you need insurance in case they sue cause they weren't doing things properly lol We've been a couple of times through the bush.
    Ok now I'm confused as I just read back, you mean a tread mill not nordic walking with poles?