What types of exercise do you do?

  • What type(s) of exercise do you currently do? Do you enjoy it?

    Is there another type that you would like to try?
  • I walk five days a week with a coworker and have tried all sorts of exercise DVD's and found out that I cannot do most pilates and some yoga. I do exercise to some walking DVD's at home and occasionally some that require simple weight resistance with small weights, a 5-pound ball or a band.
  • I am just starting to walk again at lunch with a friend at work. The weather is getting nicer so we can get out of the office more.
  • The weather is starting to warm up here. I'd like to start walking on the walking trails near my house. I also saw an ad for Curves saying that they're offering no joining fee if you donate a bag of groceries. I've been going back and forth on whether or not I want to join there again but honestly, I'm not sure that I have the motivation to exercise alone. Sounds bad, huh? At least when I working out at Curves, I could set a goal for myself each week and watch it happen. It's so easy for me to make up excuses otherwise.
  • For exercise I mostly walk and lift weights. (just hand weights that weigh about 6.8 pounds) I tried running and it just wasn't for me - I did it every day for a month and hated every minute of it) I got a dog a couple years ago so he is my walking buddy though i would love to find a friend who wanted to walk. Unfortunately, no one ever seems to want to stick with it so I end up just walking my dog.