Are there any other Walkers here?

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  • I didn't walk tonight!I know I shouldn't make excuses, is DD's bday, and she was over this evening, and a walk just did not fit in the schedule. And youngest DD has a cold, and she was just kind of lazing around, which is unusual for her, so I wanted her to rest. Had I taken a walk, she would have wanted to go with.

    Maybe I will walk twice tomorrow, that would make up for today, right?

    Glad to see others enjoy walking also!
  • Mom2-4, I try to walk every day. I used to walk with my neighbor but now she has a boyfriend so i hardly see her at all. I am not good at walking alone as I either walk very early in the morning (in winter it is still dark) or after dinner (again, it is dark in fall/winter) so I got a dog to walk with me. He is a great motivator because he needs the exercise which gets me out there. I have gotten so into routine now that if I miss a day due to extreme weather or laziness I find I really miss it. It also gives me time to myself which is a not easy to get. Though i will never truly like exercise, I do like how it makes me feel afterwards.
  • I have been walking this summer. I wanted to get up and swim in the morning but that didn't work out. I want my water warm! I have tried to walk every day. Days I mowed the lawn I gave myself the day off. Today I did both! Plus Stuie has the whole family up much earlier. In a way walking makes me sad, we see people who mostly refuse to speak to us. Makes me uncomfortable I guess. I have also cut sugar almost out of my diet. I am eating fresh fruits and veggies, meats and chicken. Even dh is eating it and not complaining. Funny how learning to use a blood sugar machine will jump start you.
  • I prefer walking to working out on machines.

    Currently, my good knee is now having kneecap I have it wrapped, hoping to get relief.

    I walk every other day..and I so want to walk.
    My doggies want to go too!

    Hugs, Janet
  • I have been walking on average about 5 times a week since finding out I have diabetes in Oct 2007. It has helped me tremendously with my weight loss.

    I find that I get stiff and achey when I don't walk for more than 2 days in a row. I mostly walk during my lunch hour near the office. It's mostly flat there and not a lot of traffic. It takes me 20-30 minutes and I walk a mile and a half (I measured it by driving my car along the route).

    On the really muggy days, I wait until evening and have walked in the nearby mall on occasion. I haven't had to deal with a lot of snow while walking yet, but that will probably be when I go to the mall.

    You might want to check with the local high school for a place to walk in the winter months if they have an indoor track. They have a softer surface. The one here is open to the public from 7am-3pm. The times don't work for me so I don't use it. The outdoor track is never closed and quite popular with the senior citizens.
  • Connie, believe me there are people in my little part of the world that don't like me either! I walk right past a home that has a 2X4 in the window that I know is meant toward my son. It says something to the effect of:
    Hangman(with a guy being hung)
    KL (my son Kevin L.)
    DA (district attorney)
    3-5 (years he thought DS should have got)

    There is one home where a little girl that went to school with my DD, that DD didn't care for, and did not play with, and the little girl kept telling on her for not playing with her. And the school tried to discipline my DD for it! I think not, the best thing to me if personalities clash at that age is to try to avoid each other. And now the family hates us for it.

    Heck, my next door neighbor has in a round about way called me a slut! And gross that I have a child to a man that is not my husband! Which is my first child, when in fact she has a child to man that was not her husband at the time(her third child) and now she is supposedly with the father!

    But, you know what I laugh when I pass those people, what do I care!

    Anyway, dval, I know our HS does not have an indoor track. Heck they don't even have enough classrooms, and I am looking to the future of what will happen in the next few years, as to where they are going to put all the kids moving into our district!

    Sammi, yes, I really don't like exercise either, but, I feel so much better when I walk, more energy!

    It is so nice to see so many other walkers. As of right now, my plan for winter is to walk earlier in the day, in the afternoon, when it is not too cold. I am thinking maybe like real feel of 30-35*, we will just bundle up!
  • I like to walk