Your opinions requested (plus re-intro)

  • Hi all,
    This is sort of my re-introduction to this community. I was one of The FamilyCorner's columnists when it was just getting started as an online venture. I wrote a monthly column on home-based exercise for about a year before my writing career took off in my home city and I had to give it up.

    While I was still writing the column, one of my readers emailed and said that if I ever put everything I knew into a book, she'd buy it. (Don't worry, this isn't a promo.) Talk about music to a writer's ears...except that I must have been tone-deaf ;-) I didn't take her up on the suggestion right away. Instead, I developed my writing career ( ), and became a volunteer fitness instructor--trained and funded by my local health district. I still work out at home every day.

    Somewhere along the way, I finally tuned in and wrote the book. Now I have a completed ebook, with everything I know about home-based exercise in it. The thing is, when you sell an ebook, you're supposed to offer lots of extra bonuses (I know, I buy lots of ebooks ;-). I have a few ideas, but I'd really, really like to hear what others would find useful first. Since I wrote my columns for FamilyCorner readers--this is where the book was born, so to speak--I thought I'd ask you. What kind of bonuses/extras would you find useful to go along with a book on home-based exercise? Any and all ideas would be very gratefully received.

    Finally, I think it's only fair that suggestions I develop into a bonus giveaway be acknowledged in some way. I could either include your name and hyperlinked URL on the acknowledgements page of the book, or I could offer you a free copy, or whatever else works best for you. I'd be happy to negotiate.

    Thanks so much. It's good to be back :-)
  • I dont know what all u have in there or whats considered extras or bonus's but what about some recipies?
    The graphs or what is needed each day and all tips you coulod offer on each thing.

    Like for instance the milk thing-24/24 drink 24 oz in 24 hrs.

    How about things with fiber or what bodies need..what vitamins do what for you and what all the "natural things" are to do for you.

    I dont know if you have pictures in it or not but I always find them more helpful

    Include myths and facts...
    like does drinking hot green tea really help u lose weight? Or
    Does this or that work .

    Whats NOT good to do

    What things have helped you along the way..
    and what hasnt..

    How about thigns that work and how much it burns..
    Walking= suchnsuch calaries
    Kissing-burns this many
    sex-this many
    dancing-this many
    stairs-this many

    I hope I helped a lil bit, maybe if I knew more about what you needed or didnt need I could help

  • Hi hummingbird,
    Sorry it's taken me ages to reply. You gave me some really good ideas, as a matter of fact. I can't use the food-related ones because I have no expertise in that area, but I love the ideas about how many calories are burned and what not to do. I think I can really riff off those :-)

    I'll keep you posted!

    Take care,

  • Good!!! glad to help!!
    Thanks! and good luck
  • So the idea is that if someone buys the book they would get a bonus???

    Some interesting bonuses could be coupons from manufacturers of certain excercise equipment.

    A bonus DVD on how to use certain equipment and get the most out of it or a pamphlet explaining this.

    I like the idea of charts that could go on the fridge

    How about a pedometer?? I think they are cheap to buy so might make a good giveaway.

    How about a dollar value off if the person refers so many others to your web page to buy the book so you get max exposure

    What about getting together with a food compnay to offer a free energy win situation as the consumer might also purchase from the other company

    Hope some of these might appeal to you.....I'll try to put my thinking cap on....if it is an e-book would it be easier to have something like a coupon that could be printed off since the book would be e-mailed to them??? Or are you looking for something to mail to them??? Sorry just will help if I know that info

    Hugs Debbie
  • Thanks Deb! What I'm trying to do is come up with extra add-ons to go along with the ebook. I don't know if you've ever bought ebooks but not many authors sell just the book (well, they do at Most offer the book *and* a whole bunch of "extra values." It's kind of the expected thing. Since I foolishly titled my book "Everything You Need to Know to Work Out Succesfully at Home" I kinda backed myself into a corner when it came to offering extras. I put all the useful info into the book itself ;-)

    I like your idea of charts for the fridge very much. I was leaning that direction myself. So thanks bunches. I'll keep you posted!

  • Hi Karen -

    How about a comparison chart of all those exercise machines you see on TV - from the ab machines to the Bowflex to the sit-and-crunch to the thigh machine that Suzanne Somers flogs?

    Hints for holidays - keeping up the routine despite all the "stuff" that we have to do; eating right during holidays (you don't have to be an "expert" to give some common-sense tips - I'll be glad to help you with that part, if you wish).

    What to do for sore muscles after exercise - or how to prevent them! (I've become an enthusiast of the hot shower after exercise - even works for those with fibromyalgia)

    A motivator / reward chart - set a motivator, and check off the number of days exercise before you can have it (ex: 1 week of daily exercise = get 1 book at the used book shop; food cannot be a motivator!)

    A one-week exercise chart that lists all the exercises in your e-book with check boxes across to check off which exercises you do each day or to write in the number of each exercise you do each day. The buyer can print a new one each week and track how much she is doing.

    Weight loss chart

    Measurement loss chart (upper arm, waist, upper abs, lower abs, buttocks, upper thigh, skirt/slack/blouse/dress size, etc)

    Affirmation flipchart - print, cut out, bind with little rings, flip a new affirmation each day

    List of "good" snacks (apples, airpopped popcorn (no butter), carrots, celery, salads, non-fat yogurt, etc)

    Hope one of these helps!

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    die. ~*~
  • OO them are really GREAT ideas ladies!!!