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trainlady 01-24-2006 09:09 PM

Situps many can you do?

I can do a lot of sit ups but please don't ask me about push ups!!!!!!

hugs, train:beat: :beat:

fish3711 02-01-2006 06:48 PM

I can do 600, maybe more if I wanted but I haven't gone past that amount yet. But I do 600 a day now....... I can't do that many push ups though!

tanz 02-04-2006 01:09 PM

I do about 250 stright forward
then onto my sides (obliques) I do about 40 each side
then I flip onto my stomach and do "reverse situps'
basically try to lift your upper half off the floor. doesnt need to to be very high. just controlled
usually I do 10 to 20 (dont need to do very much-just do it well)

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